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Fuel dispenser are used in petroleum-retail service stations for filling lightweight oil including gasoline or diesel etc. We have taken up the production of fuel dispenser since1992. Among our gigantic business portfolio, oil transfer pumps were first put on our agenda and then mechanical fuel dispensers, electronic fuel dispenser in subsequence.

Our fuel dispensers have 3 series, namely, C series, D series and S series. All of the series share the same electronic system, which consists of flow meter, combination pump, auto nozzle etc. But C series is little in size and has a general outline with hoses from the middle. And D series contains jambs with stainless steel and hoses from the top. Then S series have a novel streamline outline and hoses from the top, which is bigger in size in comparison with the other ones.

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    As past over long service time, parts abrasion universally or cylinder severely damaged, a new measurement transducer should be installed to replace old one. As find exterior leakage, firstly inspect the bolts corresponding to leak section. Tightly screw loose bolts, if leakage is continued, disconnect and inspect the seal ring and gasket relative section. Substitute aging or damaged parts and reassemble. Apart from the above reasons of extensive colloid and surface abrasion, these trouble also cause abnormal operation of measurement transducer, such as position pin fall down from piston or deformation, small axis lost on upper and lower connecting rod, loose bolt between piston and connecting rod. The solution is that disassembling measurement transducer, replace damaged or unqualified components and reassemble. The products made in normal factory seldom appear these troubles. Since measurement transducer is core component of fuel dispenser, elaborate machining, disconnection and reassembly should be as careful as possible. All elements should be cleaned before reassembly, excluding water into inner. Bolts are tightened even and appropriately. Soft-piston measurement transducer As these merits --- small in size, light weight, beautiful appearance, high accuracy, piston exchangeable--- soft-piston measurement transducer is widely adapted in domestic fuel dispenser market. It generally involves two structures: four-piston structure and double-piston structure. The latter model is selected universally. Therefore, this article will introduce fuel dispenser the structure, working principal and maintenance of four- piston measurement transducer. Structure Diagram 2-20 and Diagram 2-21 show the cutaway view and exploded drawing of four-piston measurement transducer that is widely employed. The transducer mainly consists of sealed cover, upper subassembly, export axis, frame subassembly, piston subassembly, connecting rod and top cover, clearly presenting in Diagram 2-20 and Diagram 2-21. Diagram 2-20: Cutaway view fuel dispenser fuel dispenser

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    data elements must be supportedimplemented for a device to be IFSF  compatible.  FP31_2.23 IFSF - STANDARD FORECOURT PROTOCOL March 2006   DISPENSER APPLICATION   Page: 56  3.1 Database Address  Every data element in a device is stored in a database. In some implementation it may be real  database or only a software organisation (object or tasks) for instance if a separate processor  manages each meter.  These database levels are addressed by the Database Address (DB_Ad) using a variable number  of bytes. The number of address bytes to specify a database is 1 to 8.  (For more details are in the document PART II COMMUNICATION SPECIFICATION ).   Database Address DB_Ad   BYTE BYTE BYTE BYTE BYTE BYTE BYTE BYTE   1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8   COM_SV   00H   Commun-   cation   Service   Data   C_DAT   01H   Calcul-   ator   Data   FP_ID   21H-24H   Fuelling   Point   Identifier   (1-4)   FP_ID LN_ID   21H-24H 11H-18H   Fuelling Logical   Point Nozzle   Identifier Identifier   (1-4) (1-8)   TR_DAT TR_Seq_Nb   21H 0001-9999   Trans- fuel dispenser Transaction   action Sequence   Data Number   (bcd4 format)   ER_DAT ER_ID   41H 01H-FFH   Error Error   Data Identifier   (0-255) ? fuel dispenser fuel dispenser

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