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U701-C Explosion-proof Motor


U701-C Explosion-proof Motor

This motor main used as necessary accessories with pump of dispenser. The quality & performance are steady.

Technique Function:

Voltage:380V 50Hz,three phase.



FLA:4.9A,Locked current:27A

Rated torque:5.03N.m,Max torque:18.4N.m,

Locked torque:17.1N.m

KVA code:H,Termo-Protector:Y

Temperature: -40~~+55degree


Packing : Carton dimensions: Net weight: Gross weight:

1set/carton 425 x 255 x 230mm 10.5kg 10.5kg

Explosion-proof approval:

This motor has been tested and granted Ex approval.The Ex-approval

is EX d IIA T3.Ex certificate number is CE991209.

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    e hydraulic pulse so as to increase inner discharge of measurement transducer, affecting fuel dispenser’s accuracy. The incorrect pipeline installation makes the whole hydraulic system much unstable --- pressure pulse increases. As higher oil temperature or vacuum pressure, oil viscidity will reduce, affecting measurement transducer in two facets. One is to increase inner leak, the other is to decline the stability of hydraulic system. From above analysis, it is known that high vacuum pressure of pump inlet is not alw fuel dispenser ays good for fuel dispenser’s normal operation. One pipe connect to several fuel dispensers Some filling stations, in order to reduce installation cost, adopt one pipe to connect several fuel dispensers, which is very unscientific. In this type of installation there would be brought two facets of troubles: one is that, as some fuel dispensers stop operations, some still work, air would be suck from fuel dispenser stopped dispensers so as to affect the accuracy of working fuel dispensers. The other trouble is that if several fuel dispensers work at same time, there would be mutually interfering, increasing flow pulse and inner leakage so as to affect accuracy. 1.2 Pipeline installation in positive pressure Delivery oil through positive pressure refers to in delivery process the inlet of fuel dispenser is positive pressure, which is adopted in the following situations. One is that delivery oil from high position tank, the other situation is tat adopt submersible pump in tank to delivery oil to fuel dispenser. The latter situation is more often. The Article 6.2.6 in GB50156-2002 the Design and Construction of Vehicle Filling station stipulated that if several fuel dispensers adopt same one pipe, each is affected and lead to uneven influx. Therefore, in order to ensure accuracy, the pipeline between fuel dispenser and tank should scientifically design and installation, using as few as elbow, keeping inner wall smooth of pipe. These are beneficial to reduce pressure and electricity loss, and to decl fuel dispenser

technical specification

    PRODUCT DATABASE   DB_Ad = PR_ID (41H-48H)   Data Data Element Name Field Type ReadWrite MO   Description   _Id (Value) in State   CONFIGURATION   2 bcd8 R(1-2) M   Prod_Nb   fuel dispenser W(1-2)   The Prod_Nb is assign by the CD during the system   configuration and may be used to send product parameters   (names prices) by equipment or programs which dont   need to have the knowledge of each price pole   configuration. The Prod_Nb must be uniqu fuel dispenser e for a price   pole (this is controlled by the price pole before accepting   the Prod_Nb to PR_Id link during the configuration). A   write action for a address PR_ID with the Prod_Nb   00000000 means that the associated data must be deleted.   3 asc16 R(1-2) O   Prod_Description   W(1-2)   Specifies the product description for the product.   MANUFACTURER OIL COMPANY SPECIFIC   200   to Free to the manufacturer oil company   255  March 2000 IFSF - STANDARD FORECOURT PROTOCOL FP32_111   PRICE POLE APPLICATION   Page: 21  3.6 Product Data per F fuel dispenser

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