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U701-B Explosion-proof Motor


U701-B Explosion-proof Motor

This motor main used as necessary accessories with pump of dispenser. The quality & performance are steady.

Technique Function:

Voltage:380V 50Hz,three phase.



FLA:4.9A,Locked current:27A

Rated torque:5.03N.m,Max torque:18.4N.m,

Locked torque:17.1N.m

KVA code:H,Termo-Protector:Y

Temperature: -40~~+55degree


Packing : Carton dimensions: Net weight: Gross weight:

1set/carton 425 x 255 x 230mm 10.5kg 10.5kg

Explosion-proof approval:

This motor has been tested and granted Ex approval.The Ex-approval

is EX d IIA T3.Ex certificate number is CE991209.

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    fuel dispenser Main frame installation The installation method of submersible pump fuel dispenser is similar to that of suction pump fuel dispenser. The horizontal distance from main frame to underground tank is no more than 60m, vertical distance no exceeding 4m, delivering pipe with less 0.2% slant, elbow as few as possible. Power supply lead, control line and communicating cable are installed respectively. Main wire pipe adopts 2’�seamless steel pipe, branch 1 1/2 ‘� Pressure testing of pipe should be conducted strictly in accordance with stipulation of GB50156 because the fuel dispenser working pressure of submersible pump is 0.25~~0.3Mpa, even 0.63Mpa in instance. Safety valve should be installed in submersible pump fuel dispenser, connecting pipe with stainless steel corrugated pipe. It should be installed at the angel iron fixed in concrete, connecting with pipe. (Illustrated in Diagram 5-11) 1.1 Electric installation Electric installation includes power supply installation and connection of fuel dispenser with junction box assembly. 1: Oil filter end 2: Gasket 3: Check valve 4: Pipe 5: Safety valve 6: U-shape bracket 7: Angle iron 8: Upper flange 9: Corrugated pipe 10: Low flange Diagram 5-11: Inlet connection sketch map of fuel dispenser Power s fuel dispenser upply installation (reference to Diagram 5-12): adopting oil-resistance and erosive resistance three threads copper cable, section no less than 1mm2, outside diameter about 8mmm. User’s lines a fuel dispenser nd signal cable are connected into explosion-proof junction box. 1.2 Junction box installation There are many items installed in Junction box, including terminal, power breaker (switchers of power and fuel dispensers), touch-switch, hot protection relay, general relay controlled by low voltage, signal terminal and control board of submersible pump. Other installations should be conducted strictly in accordance with electric control drawing. 1.3 Submersible pump installation Submersible pump is delivering equipment with positive pressure, which

technical specification

    map for data elements 010 2000000000000000  48-3 Language code EN - English(example)  59 Transport data 19 (echo)  62-1 Allowed product sets 00 - always zeroes  62-2 Where message 62-3 is shown 4 - Printing and display  62-3 Message text 027 Card linked to loyalty card (example)  64 Message authentication code   Wednesday 10 May 2006 - Revision 03   Document title  IFSF POS to FEP Interface  Section fuel dispenser Page  Appendix E Message Examples 172178  E.8 Reconciliation  Reconciliation by POS (in balance)  Ref. Card acceptor Message Host   POS device performs cutoff of accounting   batch as determined by network rules.   Transaction summaries are generated.  1. POS device formats and sends the ==1520=   reconciliation request message.   FEP closes period totals transact fuel dispenser ions   and compares to values passed in the   request. 〠fuel dispenser €2. =1530== FEP sends the response message   with the result of the comparison.   POS device accepts FEP totals and prints   the result.   Figure 25 Reconciliation in balance message flow  The FEP balances with the POS and the reconciliation process is complete.  Note: If the FEP indicates in the response message that its totals

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