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U701-A Explosion-proof Motor


U701-A Explosion-proof Motor

This motor main used as necessary accessories with pump of dispenser. The quality & performance are steady.

Technique Function:

Voltage:220V 50Hz,single phase.



FLA:4.9A,Locked current:27A

Rated torque:5.03N.m,Max torque:11.6N.m,Locked torque:9.87N.m

KVA code:H,Termo-Protector:Y

Temperature: -40~~+55degree


Packing : Carton dimensions: Net weight: Gross weight:

1set/carton 425 x 255 x 230mm 12kg 12.5kg

Explosion-proof approval:

This motor has been tested and granted Ex approval.The Ex-approval

is EX d IIA T3.Ex certificate number is CE991209.

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    at random; Select filling types through keyboard; Renew select or cancel the filing operation through keyboard as long as nozzle hasn’t been hold; Supporting various applications When IC card includes many applications, give prompt to user; System supports customer’s various applications; No restriction among applications Automatic balance Calculating turnover in line with the accuracy stipulated in JJG443-98 Metrological appraisal regulation for vehicle fuel dispenser; Turnover automatically is deducted from IC card Automatic generation and saving of deal record Automatically generate filing record after each operation; Ensure the safety of MAC value that used to store and transmit data after r fuel dispenser ecord; Each filling unit at least store 1,000 pieces of records; Transmit deal record to centre controller in prescribed time (less than 10s) when fuel dispenser and centre controller is in communicating state; Write deal information needed into IC card according to presetting system requirements; Safety secrecy Both fuel dispenser and terminal are verified interactively; Validity of fuel dispenser should be inspected; Personal identification of IC card password; Automatically set IC card to be grey card as filling start; TAC and CTC are automatically generated as money deduction, meanwhile erase grey sign; Grey card solution Suddenly pull out IC card will lead to grey sign; if quickly insert IC card into fuel dispenser, system will automatically finish deduction and erase grey sign; When communicated with centre controller, grey IC card is taken off grey sign on each fuel dispenser that on-line centre controller; As filing station that has formed grey card has finished data exchange with data center, any IC card with grey sign is able to deal with on any IC card fuel dispenser that has successfully finished data exchange with data center and is on line. Black fuel dispenser card solution IC card fuel dispenser is able to store at least 20,000 blacklists; Able to identify all black cards; Aut fuel dispenser

technical specification

    Level R(2) M   Water_Level   (44H)   Specifies the water level in the tank.   69 bin16 R(2) O   Observed_Density   (45H) (0-65535)   Specifies the average density (in kilograms per cubic   meter) of the product.   This Data_Id must be supported if the TP is capable of   determining the density of the product.   70 fuel dispenser DATE R(2) O1   Last_Reading_Date   (46H)   Specifies the date of the last measurement update (level   volume etc.)   71 TIME R(2) O1   Last_Reading_Time   (47H)   Specifies the date of the last measurement update (level   volume etc.)  January 2005 IFSF - STANDARD FORECOURT PROTOCOL Version 1.25   TANK LEVEL GAUGE APPLICATION   Page: 41   UNSOLICITED   100 bin8 R(1-3) M   TP_Status_Message   (64H) bin8   A TP_Status_Message must be sent unsolicited (without   acknowledge) by the TP whenever a change occurs in the   TP_Status or TP_Alarm.   The TP_Status_Mes fuel dispenser sage includes:   - TP_Status (Data_Id = 32) ? fuel dispenser

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