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U612 Flexible Pipe


U612 Flexible Pipe



Working Pressure<0.6MPa



Body: SUS304


Product ID Weight Dimension

U612-A 37kg/case of200

23×23× 34cm/case of 200

U612-B 37kg/case of200

23×23× 34cm/case of 200

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    tive bolt made of metal; Take out the metal; Turn the regulative bolt clockwise, each grid reduce 1cm3; Calibrate discharge result used standard gauge instrument, reassemble if accuracy is right. Usage and Maintenance As few in domestic fuel dispenser, the troub fuel dispenser leshooting of double piston measurement transducer consult the methods of four-piston measurement transducer or maintain according to the user’s manual provided by manufacturer. Some difficult trouble should consult with special mechanician from factory. Every time of adjusting measurement transducer should be operated by the metrology appraisal agency exclusive, whatever structure and model. Troubleshooting also need to be authorized and content by the agency, even to be appraisal and lead seal. Article IV Nozzle Nozzle is a terminal of fuel dispenser’s hydraulic system, which is tool used to refuel into tank and other container. Thus, nozzle should be characterized, by technically, as simple operation, less losses in pressure, stable flow, adjustable, good sealbility and safety. Nozzle includes general nozzle, auto-shut nozzle and nozzle with vapor recovery device. The first type is once widely used in fuel dispenser industry, even still employed currently. With the development and demand in fuel dispenser’s technology auto-shut nozzle become available in manufacturer of fuel dispenser, as this type of nozzle add auto-shut function on the basis of general nozzle. In the current years, some manufacturers have mounted vapor recovery device to nozzle, but its market share is still small. Here introduce the fuel dispenser m except the last type. General nozzle This kind of nozzle once widely used in filing station is still adapted. 1.1 Structure As illustrated in Diagram 2-27, it consist of nozzle body, main valve, vice valve, nozzle, switch handle. Diagram 2-28 shows exploded drawing. 1-Nozzle body 2-Cap 3-Spring 4-Seal 5-Main valve 6-Assistant valve 7-O-ring 8-Spout 9-Nut 10-Pin axis 11-Switch handle 12-Glang nut 13-Supporing gasket 14-Ejec fuel dispenser

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    tests can be re-run with minimal effort on new releases  ?   ()   22   INQ Product Offering  fuel dispenser INQ   n   OPEN Platform oriented towards   Competitive Advantages of INQ   Designed for new technology   Coverage   Non-regression testing   Optimized use of human resources   automate tedious tasks as much as possible   assist the test operator in error analysis  ?   ()   23   INQ Product Offering   INQ   n   OPEN Platform oriented towards   Competitive Advantages of INQ   Designed for new technology   Coverage   Non-regression testing   Optimized use of human resources   Integrated   consistency in concept and user interface   fuel dispenser tools can communicate with each other  ?   ()   24   INQ Product Offering   INQ   n   OPEN Platform oriented towa fuel dispenser

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    was a rhetorical masterpiece—consoling a grieving nation but also flashing a hint of steel. The man who explains this strange paradox—a Texan crow singing like a lark—is about to leave the White House. Michael Gerson is something of an odd-man-out in the administra fuel dispenser tion. He is a scholarly “worrier?in a group that is hardly known for its doubts, a man who looks as if he would be more at home in an Oxford common room than the West Wing. Yet Mr Gerson is one of Mr Bush s closest aides—the author of his most famous public words over the past seven years and the most influential wordsmith since Ted Sorenson worked magic for John Kennedy. He has not only achieved the necessary “mind- meld?with his boss but has been elevated to the unique position of “conscience of the White House? Mr Gerson s ticket to the inner circle was partly raw talent. He burnished his reputation as a Republican wordsmith working for Dan Coats, a former senator for Indiana. Mr Bush, then governor of Texas, offered him the job of chief speech-writer at their first meeting back in 1999. But it was also a matter of shared faith. Mr Bush famously turned to God in middle age, after a dissolute youth; Mr Gerson was on a faster track, studying theology at Wheaton College in Illinois (motto For Christ and His Kingdom), and contemplating studying at a seminary. The Bush-Gerson melding of minds is essentially a melding of faiths. Mr Gerson has infused Mr Bush s set-piece speeches with religious imagery. To read Gerson is to enter a world of “wonder-working power? of wounded travellers on the r fuel dispenser oad to Jericho and angels who ride in the whirlwind and direct the storm. But Mr Gerson s influence is not limited to words. He is also one of Mr Bush s most influential policy advisers; indeed, after he suffered a heart attack in 2004, when he was still only 39, he focused more on policymaking. Michael Cromartie, of the Ethics and Public Policy Centre, points out that he did more than anyone else to shape Mr Bu fuel dispenser