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U607 Hose Coupling


U607 Hose Coupling

U607 Hose Coupling- is designed for use between the hose and the pipe, or between the hose and other equipments.


Body: Aluminum

Bushing: Brass


Product ID Net Weight Cross Weight Dimension

U607-A/B 26.5kg/case of 100 30kg/case of 100 27x27x31 cm /case of 100

U607-C/D 20.25kg/case of 50 23kg/case of 50 30x30x17 cm /case of 50

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    ’t shut. Check valve can’t open fully as amount of waste at the lower part of outlet valve of vapor separator. Upper cover gasket of vapor separator is broken, leads to pressure not enough. 3.5. Pipeline is jammed and bottom valve could not fully open. Serious fluctuation and noise in operation Jammed filter net and too long or too thin pipeline cause heavy loan making big noise. Locked overflow valve or too tight fuel dispenser adjusting bolt. Jammed vane causes serious oil fluctuation Pipeline vibrates heavy. Delivery frequency is same to inherent mechanical frequency. instable flow rate as starting Overflow valve works abnormally. Pipeline has U shape curve, generating air resistance. Pipe valve has some trouble. Contain foam in flowing oil Pipe and bottom valve trouble because of ceaseless exhausting air in vapor separator. Exhausting pipe inhales air. Inspect check valve and cone-shaped valve. Vapor separator’s outlet valve and exhausting valve is jammed leading to fail to separate air from oil. Accuracy beyond scope Double optical board is broken in pulse sensor, which leads to countable pulse lost. Inner leakage in measurement transducer causes accuracy beyond range. Change new transducer. As insufficient capacity of vapor separator, check outlet valve and exhausting pipe. Fuel dispenser’s main board is broken, which also lead to inaccuracy. Pipeline leakage causes vapor separator lost function. Motor rotates slowly and become hot as refueling Motor has been destroyed. Winding short circuit or disconnected; starting capacitor has been damaged in single phase motor; Control circuit of motor is broken, which leads to starting problem. Exterior wiring also cause motor failure, (absent electric phase, long wiring distance, too thin lead, much lower voltage) Oil overflowing in exhausting pipe Small floater is damaged and dropped down in vapor separator. Large amount of oil flow into vapor separating chamber; oil is discharge from exhausting pipe as return valve trouble fuel dispenser fuel dispenser

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