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U606 Hose Coupling


U606 Hose Coupling

U606 360 rotary Swivel is designed for U314 Automatic Nozzles . With the help of swivel it can change the connection between different thread and different caliber, which is convenient to use. Screen protects the nozzle from debris


Body: Aluminum

Seals: PU,Viton

Bushing: Brass


Product ID Net Weight Cross Weight Dimension

U606-A/B 18kg/case of 100 21kg/case of 100 24x24x33 cm /case of 100

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    on and noise of pump, finding whether leakage between axis end and pump cover, checking the excessive jump and swing of V wheel that is called belt wheel past, but now defined as V wheel in GBT/10412�002 General V Wheel. Don’t use water and oil with water to debug or cleanse tank in case of the pump and components of fuel dispenser is rust. Meanwhile preventing freeze water affect the normal operation because of low temperature. Regularly inspect and cleanse strainer, especial after installation a pipeline. With the working time get long the waste in pipeline or tank decrease, the period of checking and cleanse should considerably lengthen. But don’t exceed one month. The strength of V wheel should be appropriate because low strength result in no oil discharge fuel dispenser out or inefficiency. High strength, in another case, would increase the axis loan of motor and pump, fasting bearing abrasion of motor, pump and oil seal. Don’t adjust overflow valve to tight in case of increasing pump pressure so as to flux passing overflow valve, and well as noise, vibration and abrasion. Judgment for common failures Firstly, some failure analysis and correct judgment is necessary before maintenance. The principle of first analysis then disassemble, easy first is the basis to judge trouble. The common failure phenomenon of vane pump is that no delivery, inefficient flux, leakage, noise and abnormal vibration. They will be introduced one by one. No delivery or inefficient flux Apart from pump failure other component and pipeline trouble may also result in this phenomenon. Here only introduce pump failure and inspection method. Exterior inspection: to check motor that maybe don’t work, or rotate in opposite direction, or lose V wheel. Reversal result from wrongly connecting two phase wire in motor or power supply. Adjusting strength of V wheel or changing a new one deal with wheel slip. However, the reason that motor don’t work are several, either electric or mechanical failure. Disconnecting V wheel at first, fuel dispenser fuel dispenser

technical specification

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