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U604 Hose Coupling


U604 Hose Coupling


Body: Body: Brass

Surface: electronic Chromium plated

Bushing: Brass

Features :

Designed for use between the hose and the pipe, or between the hose and other equipments.

100% Factory Tested.


Product ID Net Weight Cross Weight Dimension

U604-A/B 19kg/case of 100 22kg/case of 100 24x24x33 cm /case of 100

U604-C/D 28kg/case of 100 31kg/case of 100 30x30x36 cm /case of 100

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    ection is small, pump suction is large; vice versa, large returned oil low suction distance. Diagram 2-5: Suction flow of vane pump Suction capacity of pump is restricted not o fuel dispenser nly by its structure but also by the oil physical trait and pipeline. Under a certain temperature, air pocket phenomenon of oil will generated when vacuum reaching a given degree, so that the pump can’t suck oil normally. At high oil level, large resistance from pipeline, much higher vacuum pressure occurs at the inlet of pump; the higher temperature the more likely create air pocket. The phenomenon is likely to appear given the oil is gasoline. The phenomenon of cavitation is generated when partial pressure at inlet of pump is low than air pressure, the dissolved gas in oil begin separate out, and oil start gasifying vigorously as pressure getting down, reaching saturation pressure. The normal working of pump is affected due to a great of foam damaging the continuity of liquid flow. Fuel dispenser is likely come out any oil or work with large noise as the cavitation is severe. Components will be damaged in this long phenomenon. At same time, oil vibration is increased so that the accuracy become down, as well as shorting service life of hydraulic components. The correlation between liquid saturation and gas pressure is illustrated in diagram 2-6. Diagram 2-6: Relations among temperature, steam pressure and liquid saturation Diagram 2-6 shows gasoline more likely to Air area than water and coal oil under the same pressure along with temperature increasing; under the same temperature the more vacuum pressure the earlier in air-area. There are two aspects that should be considered to prevent cavitation in pump inlet. One is that the design parameter of pump should be rational. The other is that pipeline should be installed scientifically. The effect of hydraulic pipe to fuel dispenser’s suction capacity will be introduced in detail. To understand the principle of cavitation and causation of affecting pump suction capacity is fuel dispenser fuel dispenser

technical specification

    age: 46 of 65   37 bin16 R(4-8) M   CurrentProgrammeMask   (25H)   fuel dispenser Indicates the programme of the current washing   transaction   This is a bit mask that is made up of the options set.   Bit 0 is for Programme 1   0 - Programme is not used   1 - Programme is used   Its value is reset to zero after storing the transaction in   the transaction buffer.   38 bin16 R(4-8) O   CurrentOptionsMask   (26H)   Indicates the options of the current washing transaction.   This is a mask made up of the options set. The option is   for the current transaction if it s corresponding bit is set.   Bit 0 is for Option 1   0 - Option is not used   1 - Option is used   Its value is reset to zero after storing the transaction in   the transaction buffer.   39 bin8 R(4-8) M   CurrentTransactionErrorCode   (27H) (1-63)   Indicates the error status of the transaction.   If the error status = 0 then no error has occurred.   If 0 then an error has occurred.   Dependent on the error type the transaction could be   treated accordingly. (Please see the CWPErrorType in the   Error Code Database).   Its value is reset to zero after storing the transaction in   the transaction buffer.   40 Asc8 fuel dispenser fuel dispenser

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