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U603 Hose


U603 Hose

Transfer gasoline,kerosene,diesel from fuel dispenser to vehicle.


Body: oil-proof rubber

Features :


Hose is soft,light

Little variant when transfer gasoline

Middle conducting layer- working safety

100% Factory Tested.


Net Weight Cross Weight Dimension

31kg/case of 30 34kg/case of 30 37x23.5x19.5 cm / case of 30

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    ury witnesses rapidly development of fuel dispenser and relevant system, such as various electronic display mode, presetting refueling devices, hanged fuel dispenser system without fuel dispenser island, submersible pump filling system, fuel dispenser mounted vapor recovery devices, multi-nozzles fuel dispenser, changeable oil label dispenser, and fuel dispenser installed IC card. (see Diagrams 1-4 to 1- 10).Meanwhile, some techniques correlative filling station management were developed consequently, including the fuel dispenser Centre manager controlling multi-dispensers, monitor system for storage tank, station’s payment, safety alarm and services system, network transmission technique among relative departments, inter-station, and internal station, as well as customer self-operate refueling station system—no staff filling station. Diagram 1-2: Scale -counter fuel dispenser It is obvious that the technology of fuel dispenser is developed along with economic progress, characteristic of wide application of electronic technology. Diagram 1-3: Mechanical fuel dispenser (indicating volume, PPU and sales) China’s fuel dispenser technology develops very late, having not own petrol and automotive industry, low efficient transportation between rural and suburban. The first filling station was built in China until in 1924. Although a few cities have fuel dispensers imported from Western countries, their maintenance only being conducted domestically. In 1970s, these coastal cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Qingdao, along with the restore and development of new China, the first fuel dispenser was manufactured in China. As the history of dependence upon foreign fuel dispenser came to halt, the development journey of China’s fuel dispenser technology starts its step. The fuel dispensers of Diagram 1-14 was regards as the representatives of China’s first generation fuel dispenser. Despite china’s fuel dispenser research and development it has disadvantage compared with developed countries. The mechanical counter fuel dis fuel dispenser

technical specification

    : NT1118R1   MPA V5.2: TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS   Nb Pages : 98 + fuel dispenser 0 PJ   for the ATM-MONETICS LINK   Date :  POS Department Fuel unit price (D5016)   Format: BCD3   Tag: DF D3 98   Domain: private cards   Coding: s fuel dispenser pecified by the other fields of the object D10038 Method of payment (D5017)   Format: E (enumerated type)   Tag: DF D3 99   Domain: private cards   Coding: 1: cash; 2: credit; 3: deferred cash Mileage (D5018)   Format: BCD4   Tag: DF D3 9A   Domain: private cards   Coding: kilometres Registration no. (D5019)   Format: C10   Tag: DF D3 9B   Domain: private cards Check code (D5020)   Format: O20   Tag: DF D3 9C   Domain: private cards   Coding: the code is encrypted or not depending on its type. Encryption is defined in Appendix C)  Encryptiondecryption of magnetic stripe card confidential codes page 94. Type of private card (D5021)   Format: E (enumerated type)   Tag: DF D3 9D   Domain: private cards   Coding:   Code Type of card   1 PASS   2 COFINOGA   3 SOFICARTE   4 SYGMA   99 Unknown  All rights reserved ? Printed on 281004 10:10 7698   Ref : NT1118R1 ? fuel dispenser

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    That influence, he claims, is limited by the United States, which has blocked the sale of Brazilian aircraft to Venezuela. The “verbal cold war?between Mr Chávez and George Bush fuel dispenser s administration makes it much more difficult to build bridges between Venezuela s government and the opposition, he says. Maybe so. But Brazil has failed to articulate a clear alternative to chavismo. Not so long ago, its leaders had a vision of regional integration based on the outspoken defence of democracy, respec fuel dispenser t for treaties and on linking Mercosur to the world through, for example, a free-trade pact with the EU. It is hard not to conclude that this vision is being sacrificed to a puerile impulse to embrace those who peddle the populist rhetoric of “anti-imperialism? For that, Brazilians may soon pay a price. © 2006 . Peru s election With friends like these May 11th 2006 | LIMA From The Economist print edition Hugo Chávez s meddling backfires ON MAY 8th, Ollanta Humala, the nationalist former army officer who won most votes in the first round of Peru s presidential election last month, met Evo Morales, Bolivia s socialist president. Opening an eye clinic staffed by Cuban doctors at Copacabana, a small town on Lake Titicaca just inside Bolivia s border with Peru, the two men proclaimed their fraternity. So will Peru be the next domino to fall to the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas, an anti- Yanqui political alliance sponsored by Cuba and Hugo Chávez, Venezuela s president, and recently joined by Mr Morales? Probably not. Opinion polls suggest that Mr Humala will lose a run-off election on June 4th to Alan García, a former president, by a margin of ten to 20 percentage points. And far from helping Mr Humala, the vocal support of Messrs Chávez and Morales seems to be hurting him. Last month, Mr Chávez launched a verbal broadside against Mr García, calling him a “swine?and “thief? That may be because Mr García s moderately po fuel dispenser