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U601 Oil indicator


U601 Oil indicator

U601 series Oil Viewing Device is designed to watch whether the pipes of the fueling machine is full of liquid or not.


Body: Brass

Viewing glass: Toughened glass

seals: Buna-N

Surface: electronic Chromium plated

Bearing: Iron ball

Features :

U601 Oil View Device provides a 360°swivel action which can reduce the physical strain

100% Factory Tested.


Net Weight Cross Weight Dimension

36.5kg/case of 50 40kg/case of 50 27.5x27x33 cm / case of 50

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    ct before switching on suction pump. After oil being sucked up carefully inspect all connection and sealed sections whether exists leakage. Scrutinize the working states of measurement transducer, pump and vapor separator after starting operation. As for new filing station, clean waster and water in pipeline. Preset unit price according to oil price. It fuel dispenser is regulative to twice PPU presetting for each fuel dispenser per day. Appraise each nozzle flow rate in accordance with fuel dispenser’s metrological regulation and procedure, indicating value error no more than ±0.3%, repeatability error no more than ±0.15%. Regulate the adjusting bolt of overflow valve to change flow rate, increasing or reducing it. It must switch off power supply to maintain failure in debugging progress. It is strictly prohibited to debug as explosion-proof junction box being open. Debug personnel should clearly tell all operating functions and methods of fuel dispensers to station staff, and make report to station owner and get authorization. Chapter VI Metrological approval of fuel dispenser As commercial measure instrument, fuel dispenser is used for calculating the volume of commercial-used fuel. Thus, its accuracy directly correlates the customer’s economical benefits. That is the reason why fuel dispenser in China should be conducted a comp fuel dispenser ulsory appraisal in accordance with State’s law on metrology. Metrology aims at ensuring exactitude on basis of united unit. The metrological appraisal for fuel dispenser refers to the work that to appraise measurement performance and to inspect whether or not abiding by legal requirements. The metrological regulation on fuel dispenser JJG 443-98 (hereinafter called JJG443-98) promulgated in Aug 1, 1998, is a legal tool to appraise metering of fuel dispenser, which introduces the international metrological technology regulation and global practice. JJG 443-98 emphasized that flow meter is core component in fuel dispenser, enhances metrological requirement, increasing the cont fuel dispenser

technical specification

    (1-255   To define the local Subnet address and node address.   1-127)   The description of the initial node installation process is   given below.   3 fuel dispenser 64 R( ) M   Recipient_Addr_Table   (03H) bin8 bin8   This table contains a list of all recipients that must receive   (1-255   unsolicited messages. The table must be able to have 64   1-127)   recipient addresses. See Data_Id 11 and 12 for adding and   removing from the table.   Each recipient address is identified by 2 bytes:   - Subnet = device type   - Node = 1 to 127   4 bin8 R( ) M   Heartbeat_Interval   (04H) fuel dispenser (0-255) W( )   Time in seconds to give a heartbeat message on the   network.   0 = no heartbeat generated   Please reference the respective IFSF Application Protocol   description for details of the default Heartbeat_Interval to   be used when device has been reset or the current   Heartbeat_Interval value has been corrupted.  February 2006 IFSF - STANDARD FORECOURT PROTOCOL FP2_1.90   fuel dispenser

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