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U501-C Pulse sensor


U501-C Pulse sensor

This incremental shaft encoder has been designed for heavy-duty application,especially for use in petroleum & diesel dispensing environments where potentially explosive atmospheres can be expected. It features a rugged and compact construction as well as a wide selection of mechanical and electronic variations.


Housing: Die cast aluminum alloy

Bearings: Self-lubricating sintered bronze

Features :

A high advantage in reliability and adaptability.

A large selection of shaft couplings, including couplings with built-in backlash clutch facility.

Standard sealing screws.

The fuel resistant cable can be customized regarding length.

Suit the TATSUNO meter and other meters whose pulse per circle is 60 or 100.

100% EX approved and tested.


Power supply: 5 VDC, fixed or variable

Current Consumption: Standard 10 to 30 mA, max 90mA

Number of Channels: 2

Number of pulses: 50 ppr

Output Signal: Square wave duty cycle 50%+10%.

Phase Shift: 2 channels 90° (25% +5%)

Output Stage: NPN

Output Current: Max. 30mA

Hysteresis: Min. 0.2°

Output freq. Min. 1000Hz

Temperature range: Working -40 to 70degree

RPM: Max 3000RPM

Mounting: With 3 pcs. M4 screws

Weight: Approx. 340 gram. Excl. the cable


Color Channel plug

Green +5V 2

Black CH1 3

Yellow 0V 4

Blue CH2 5

Red +5V 6

--- --- 1


Cross Weight Dimension

150g/case of 1 130x100x15mm/case of 1


The shaft encoder has been tested and granted Ex and EMC approval.The Ex-approval is EX d IIA T3.Ex certificate number is CE991209.

Ordering Specifications:

Product ID Product name

U501-C pulse sensor


The products should be used in compliance with applicable country, province and local Laws and regulations. Products selection should be based on physical Specifications and limitations and compatibility with the environmentand materials to be handled. HONGYANG makes no warranty of fitness for a particular use. All illustrations and Specifications in this literature are based on the latest products information lable at the time of publication,HONGYANG reserves the right to make changes at any time in price, materials. Specifications and models and to discontinue models without notice or obligation.

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    me meter is a meter measuring liquid volume accumulatively, which consists of measurement transducer, calculator and indicator devices. When measuring liquid flow past the measured transducer, its mechanical measuring components divide flowing liquid into volume unit, then flow out together. At the same time it transforms the volume unit into relative position change value, indicating the total flowing volume by calculator and indicator devices. Measurement transducer once is called meter, which is the key parts in flow meter. 3. Additional devices Additional devices are apparatus aiming at ensure the accuracy of fuel dispenser, such as pump, oil-air separator, nozzle, solenoid valve, filter, oil indicator, pipeline, etc. 4. Ancillary devices Ancillary devices are adapted to realize other special functions of fuel dispenser, such as payment indicator, pre-setting, oil-air recovery, taxation interface, IC card read, amount indicator, zero-clear, etc. Article II Fuel dispenser’s development history Fuel dispenser is created and developed along with the development of automotive industry, petrol industry, and transportation industry. Diagram 1-1: Earlier fuel dispenser The first fuel dispenser in world, manufactured in the early of 20 century, is made of manual suction pump, transparent cylinder with scales, and switch (see the 1-1 diagram). The certain volume fuels flow into the vehicle’s tank by means of gravity, controlled by switch. The paid volume is decided by the operator eye-measuring the scales. Manual pump is replaced by motor pump until in 1 fuel dispenser 920s, and the transparent cylinder by flow meter with scales (see Diagram 1-2). In 1940s, indicative handle calculator developed as wheel calculator, function having changed from indicator volume only into measuring volume, money, and unit price adjustment as well (see Diagra fuel dispenser m 1-3). The development of electronic technique in the 1970s promotes the evolution of indicator operation and control management of fuel dispenser. The end of 20th cent fuel dispenser

technical specification

       PCD Comment:   As this is an optional data field the PCD can NAK any   write requests to this Data_Id with a Data_ACK code of 4   (Data does not exist in this device) or reply to any read   request with an answer message with the respective   Data_Id s length set to 0.   59 Bcd4 R(1-9) O   Running_Transaction_Message_Frequency   (3BH) (0-999) W(1-9)   Specifies the frequency at which the running transaction   is sent in tenths of a second.   0 = not active.   1-999 = delay in tenths of a second.   e.g. 20 is 2 second interval.   FP CONTROL   60 CMD W(2) M   Open_FP   (3CH) To open a closed FP.   Please note that an Unsolicited FP_Status_Message   (Data_Id 100) must be transmitted as a result of this   command . This action must occur even if the state has   not changed as a result of the command.   Please note that an acknowledgement to this command   implies that the FP_State has changed to the open state   (see Chapter 5).   PCD Comment:   Please see the previous chapter on the state handling to   establish acceptabl fuel dispenser e behaviour of a proprietary pump   being controlled via a PCD.  FP31_2.21 IFSF - STANDARD FORECOURT PROTOCOL June 2005   DISPENSER APPLICATION   Page: 106   fuel dispenser FUELLING POINT DATABASE   DB_Ad = fuel dispenser

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