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U405 Reconnectable Breakaway


U405 Reconnectable Breakaway

The U405 is a dry reconnectable breakaway for the conventional dispensing market. It is designed to be installed on fuel dispensing hoses, and will separate when subjected to a designated pull force. The dual valves seat automatically stopping the flow of fuel and limiting any fuel spillage, while protecting the dispensing equipment. When reconnecting the separated halves, the U405 seals tightly on an O-ring before the poppet stems engage to open the valve. For proper operation on high-hanging hoses, the U405 must always be installed With a straightening hose with a minimum length of 9". For low hose applications, the U405 should be installed down stream of the retractor cable.


We advice you replace a new U405 breakaway when the pull-force is lower than 180 lbs after many reconnections


Body: die cast zinc

Main Seals: Viton

Main Spring: stainless steel

Guide and poppet: POM

Protective Sleeve: Pa66


Pull force- the U405 will break away with a pull force of 250 lbs 5%, the U405 will break away with a pull force of 300 lbs 5%.

Unique double-poppet design-features low pressure drop.

Flow rate: 0-60L/Min

Working pressure: 0.18Mpa

Coupling halves- protected by proven plastic sleeves

Easily reconnected- just "push and twist" until you hear the audible click, signifying the unit has been correctly reconnected. Reconnection force approximately 15 lbs.

Line shock - U405 is able to absorb the effects of normal line shock through the unique design of the disconnecting features.

May be reconnected under wet or dry hose conditions.

100% Factory Tested.


Product ID Net Weight Cross Weight

U405-A 26.5kg/case of 50

30kg/case of 50

35x35x26 cm3 /case of 50

U405-B 26.5kg/case of 50 30kg/case of 50

35x35x26 cm3 /case of 50

U405-C 26.5kg/case of 50 30kg/case of 50

35x35x26 cm3 /case of 50

U405-D 26.5kg/case of 50 30kg/case of 50

35x35x26 cm3 /case of 50

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    ate spare parts according to User’s Manual. Keep seal surface clean and flat as disassembly and reassembly. Store O-ring seal in sunproof place without evident temperature change in case of aging. Rubber and asbestos gasket, cork and rubber board and rubber seal In disassembling or reassembling cone-shaped seal structure pays much attention not to hurt or broken sublatae surface fuel dispenser s, cleaning waste. Chapter III Electric control system of fuel dispenser Article I Main functions of electric control system for fuel dispenser Fuel dispenser is operated under electric control, realizing refueling process. Its main function brief as followed: calculation of volume and sales: measuring CPU collect flow data from pulse sensor, and count volume and sales according to certain calculating method. Finally these data display on screen. Pulse sensor inspection: lock fuel dispenser as sensor occur trouble. Starting motor, stop control, switch on and off solenoid valve. Display function: show various filling information on screen Dialogue function: filing staff realize general operation through keyboard, display screen and nozzle switch. Network communication function: all fuel dispenses in network are managed and controlled by centre-control computer. Article II Electric control system configuration of fuel dispenser 1. General structure Diagram 3-1 illustrated single nozzle fuel dispenser, mechanical section showed in broken line ---- also called hydraulic components, yet real line is showing the electric section (system) of fuel dispenser, including measuring main board, keyboard, display screen, control circuit of motor and solenoid valve, motor, solenoid valve, fuel dispenser pulse sensor, nozzle switch, power supply board, junction box of AC current and communication box. Diagram 3-1: Structural sketch map of fuel dispenser mounted single nozzle There is little difference between double and s fuel dispenser ingle fuel dispenser in electric control system, the former having two sets of display screen, keyboard, a control of

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