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U401-B Solenoid Valve


U401-B Solenoid Valve


Body: Brass

Approval: EX mⅡA T4

Technical Specifications:

Power:AC220 V,2×4W


Current :big flow valve 18mA

small flow valve 18mA

Allowed flow rate:90L/min , Max flow rate: 90L/min , Mini flow rate:5L/min.

Working pressure:0.035-0.035MPa

Environmental Condition: -40~~+70degree


Product ID Weight Dimension

U401-B 2.1kg/case of 130 ×116× 80mm/case of 1

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    enerates 65”~85”W.C. vacuum pressure as operation, reclaiming vapor through reclaim pipe and nozzle, redundant vapor discharging out of exhaust pipe after vacuum pressure cap automatically open. Diagram 4-10: Built-in pump fuel dispenser with vapor recovery function Built-in pump fuel dispenser with vapor recovery function Showed in Diagram 4-10, this kind of fuel dispenser is mounted a vane pump that connected with the parallel pipes of oil delivery and vapor reclaim, in final connect into tank. At the refueling progress, motor drive vane pump operating and reclaim tank vap fuel dispenser or through nozzle and coaxial hose. System maintenance Nozzle and delivery pipe used in fuel dispenser with vapor recovery function are coaxial and double layers, simultaneously refueling and reclaiming. Paying much attention to nozzle body and delivery hose, in case of waste, bad operation and crush by vehicle. If system alarm, carefully judge the type of alarm of monitor system whether vacuum degree or exhaust pipe pressure. Adjusting and testing vacuum pump and reclaim nozzle in for situation. Inspect air cap in the latter situation. If breakaway is pull down by accident, reinstall spare p fuel dispenser in on upper of valve body. Don’t replace the coaxial and double layers valve with general one. Troubleshooting of vapor recovery equipment Oil spurt from nozzle’s reclaim spout before refueling. Solution methods: Prohibiting force refueling; Wait several seconds to take out nozzle from vehicle tank. Nozzle jump to stop in refueling process Solution methods: Maybe caused by second time operation, it is suggested not to force filing; Wait several seconds to take out nozzle from vehicle tank. Clean waste or deposited oil in air pipe of reclaiming nozzle or inspect O-ring seal. Chapter V Installation & debugging of fuel dispenser The design of fuel dispenser correlates to the correct operation. Fuel dispenser is designed to install outdoor with underground tank, not allowed to be in indoor so as to endure environmental fuel dispenser

technical specification

    Independent Testing   within a project   as third party   responsible for acceptance testing   on behalf of the end client  ?   ()   29   Integri Professional Services   Service Offering   n   fuel dispenser Consulting   Training   Dedicated Tool Development   Independent Testing   Conformance Test Lab   inter-operability testing   product certification  ?   ()   30   fuel dispenser Outline   Integri   IFSF End-to-End Testing   Demo   Q A  ?   ()   IFSF End-to-End Testing - Objectives   Principles   n   INQ IFSF End-to-End test tool is based on a very   modular design   each unit within an End-to-End environment can either   be simulated (within INQ) or connected to the actual   unit under test  ? ? fuel dispenser

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