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U401-A Solenoid Valve


U401-A Solenoid Valve

The flow control valve has been tested and granted Ex approval.The Ex-approval is EX m II T4.Ex certificate number is CE021037.


Body: Die cast aluminum alloy

Technical Specifications:

Power:AC220 V,2×4W

Current Consumption: big flow valve 18mA, small flow valve 18mA

Allow flow rate:65L/min,big flow rate:50L/min,small flow rate:5L/min.

Working pressure:0.035-0.035MPa

Environmental Condition: -40~~+70degree


A high advantage in reliability and adaptability.

Housing: Die cast aluminum alloy.

Dual flow control valves have three grades of big flow, small flow and close.

The fuel resistant cable can be customized regarding length.

100% Factory Tested.


Color Link

Brown communal terminal

Black big flow rate

white small flow rate

Yellow/green ground


Product ID Weight Dimension

U401-A 2.1kg/case of 130 ×116× 80mm/case of 1

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    ser. Axis of transducer is much flexible; installing damp seal could reduce the flexibility of shaft. Impotent spring of check valve make oil flow backward even after stop operation, which bring transducer rotating conversely. Pressure oil flow back to transducer, bring negative round. The double optical board has installed wrongly, making data jumping. Automatic stop failure as presetting volume First define which situation trouble occurred ---- in presetting volume or in presetting money. If the former is trouble, reenter unit price. If both trouble, it is need to replace new main board. Loudspeaker trouble In most case, loudspeaker is destroyed. The static voltage of SP terminal of loudspeaker is 0 V; if the data fuel dispenser is 12V, maintainer needs to replace or repair both loudspeaker and main board. Damaged main board and wiring board also result in loudspeaker failure. Small flow lost before stop operation Much little adjusting volume of main valve; Control lead of main valve is incorrectly connected to relative position; Small flow rate is lost due to main board trouble. Stop failure as put down nozzle The silicon on control board is damaged. Switch has destroyed. Abnormal MT voltage leads to the trouble. Lack of phase in motor Lack of electric phase in motor makes alarm. Electric phase is absent in junction box. Creepage Inner winding of motor id damage fuel dispenser d. Water pours into junction box or insulation decline. Outer wire is connected with the frame of fuel dispenser. Creepage of inner electric circuit due to other reasons Reliable protective circuit and earthing aren’t set in fuel dispenser. Fuel dispenser’s creepage easily result in fire and body hurt accident. Only after solve the trouble can operate fuel dispenser. Article II Pipeline failure and maint fuel dispenser enance No delivery or slow flow Filter net is jammed because of mud and sand, metal bits and waste. Cleaning filter net would deal with the trouble of loud noise and no delivery. Large amount of air flo

technical specification

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