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U301 Automatic Nozzle


U301 Automatic Nozzle

U301 series automatic nozzles are designed with today's customer in mind. Small, trim, light weight, easy and convenient to operate, the is a rugged performer that offers long life and reliable service.


Body: Aluminum

seals: Buna-N

Main stem seals: Viton Cased Oil Seal / Graphite with Teflon

Main stem: Stainless steel

Color of insulator :

Red Green Blue Yellow Black

Features :

U301-B/D/F Flow rate: 0-60 L/m (15/16")

U301-A/C/E Flow rate: 0-45 L/m (13/16")

Working Pressure: 0.18Mpa

U301 Automatic Nozzles-for diesel, kerosene and all kinds of gasonline service.

Easily replaced spout- simply remove the screw.

Spout kits are available from HONGYANG.

Low profile aluminum body- light weight, easier to handle, provides an attractive, image enhancing appearance.

Hold-open rack is available for full service applications.

The one hand control means easy setting to flow rate for customer's convenience.

Full hand insulator- protects both nozzle and vehicle, and insulates users' hands.

Selective splash guard.

100% Factory Tested.

Available Colors- color chart on inside back cover

Replacement Parts:

Key Description

1 Spout 13/16''

2 Spout 15/16''

3 Full hand insulator

4 Lever

5 Lever assembly

6 Diaphragm assembly

7 Main valve assembly


Net Weight Cross Weight Dimension

18.75kg/case of 15

12.25kg/case of 10 22kg/case of 15

15kg/case of 10 55x34x42.5cm/case of 15

37.5x34x43cm/case of 10


The products should be used in compliance with applicable country, province and local Laws and regulations. Products selection should be based on physical Specifications and limitations and compatibility with the environmentand materials to be handled. HONGYANG makes no warranty of fitness for a particular use. All illustrations and Specifications in this literature are based on the latest products information available at the time of publication,HONGYANG reserves the right to make changes at any time in price, materials. Specifications and models and to discontinue models without notice or obligation.

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    VP500B with power showe fuel dispenser d in Diagram 4-4. As the simplest design, it could be installed at end of reclaiming pipe, namely, near to tank and inlet. It can simultaneously reclaim 12 nozzles, applicable to fuel dispenser with suction pump or submersible pump. Center-type reclaiming vacuum pump VP500B without power showed in Diagram 4-5. This type of pump is very applicable to city filling station, which is fuel dispenser powered by submersible pump, mounted 8 nozzles of reclaiming. The deployment of vapor pipe and air vent of tank ensures station’s normal operation. Distributed reclaiming vacuum pump: each fuel dispenser is mounted vapor reclaiming vacuum pump. Diagram 4-6: VP vacuum pump Diagram 4-7: Separated jointer Diagram 4-8: Coaxial hose Separated jointer: its main function is used as convert jointer to separate vapor and oil. Repeated use breakaway: used for protecting fuel dispenser in case of pull down by vehicle. As exterior pull reaching 310~350lb, breakaway is automatically closed, at same time switch off pipelines of vapor and oil. Coaxial hose: a kind of hose with two layers that delivery vapor in internal and exterior oil. Nozzle: with double-layer pipes, mounted vapor valve. Fuel dispenser with vapor recovery system This kind of fuel dispenser with vapor recovery function is used for reclaiming volatile oil vapor near outlet without affecting normal refueling. There are two types widely adopting in domestic market, one is the new developed fuel dispenser that has vapor recovery function; the other type is improved fuel dispenser based upon traditional d fuel dispenser ispenser and added vapor recovery function. Generally, these are divided into two categories: submersible type and built-in pump type. Diagram 4-9: Vapor recovery nozzle Submersible fuel dispenser with vapor recovery function If adopt vacuum-aid vapor recovery system, the matching fuel dispenser with vapor recovery function should adopt submersible fuel dispenser. Its working principle is that center vacuum pump g

technical specification

    1.25   fuel dispenser TANK LEVEL GAUGE APPLICATION   Page: 43  3.5.3 Tank Temperature Table  This data allows a CD to interrogate the tank temperature table for a given TP.   TANK TEMPERATURE TABLE DATABASE   DB_Ad = TP_ fuel dispenser ID (21H-3FH) + TEMP_DAT (22H) + TEMP_ADDR (01H-08H)   Data_Id Field ReadWrite MO   Data Element Name   Description Type in State   (Value)   CONFIGURATION   1 LEVEL R(1-3) O5   Temp_height   (01H)   Specifies the height of the temperature sensor from the   bottom of the tank.   To determine how many sensors exist the CD should ask   for all 8 allowable sensors; the TP will respond with a   Data_Ack value of 4 (data does not exist in this device) for   any that are not supported.   2 LONG_T R(1-3) O5   Temp_value   (02H) EMP   Specifies the temperature measured by fuel dispenser the sensor.   To determine how many sensors exist the CD should ask   for all 8 allowable sensors; the TP will respond with a   Data_Ack value of 4 (data does not exist in this device) for   any that are not supported.   MANUFACTURER OIL COMPANY SPECIFIC   200   to Free to th

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    has damaged its regiona fuel dispenser l relations, and makes it harder for its pleading on behalf of those such as the Bali Nine to carry weight. He says Australia should form a coalition with the four Asian countries that have abolished the death penalty in the past decade and nudge Indonesia and others to do the same. For the Bali Nine, any nudging may come too late. © 2006 . fuel dispenser About sponsorship Poverty in Indonesia Always with them Sep 14th 2006 | JAKARTA From The Economist print edition The Indonesian economy is growing. But so, unfortunately, is poverty WHEN two scavengers died last week under a landslide at Jakarta s main rubbish dump, the extensive television coverage that resulted provided a too-rare glimpse into the plight of some of Indonesia s poorest people. And their ranks are swelling. After declining for six years the number of poor people has increased sharply. Some 39m, 18% of the population of 220m, are now officially poor, according to data just released by the government s statistics bureau, 4m more than in 2005. AFP Almost one in five That the poverty level has stopped falling is no surprise. A 126% increase in fuel prices last October catapulted inflation to 18%, while wages increased only marginally. The number of poor Indonesians would have soared even more, to 51m according to the statistics office, if the government had not given cash handouts to some 76m people to cushion the effect fuel dispenser s of the fuel-price increase (which eliminated a costly subsidy). But activists are questioning the data. They argue that the figures fail to give the full alarming picture. The Urban Poor Consortium believes, for example, that the number of people falling into poverty in Jakarta has risen by almost twice as much as the statisticians state. It also says that more people are, relatively speaking, even poorer than t