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U212-A Rolling Display


U212-A Rolling Display


Power : AC220V , 50Hz

Including : 2 displays , 1 power board , 1 transformer , 1 SSR

The content on the display could be changeable

Easily fixed on fuel dispenser

100% Factory Tested

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    is fuel dispenser illustrated in Diagram 5-13 and 5-14. It consists of controller, explosion-proof motor and co-axis vane pump. The inlet height of submersible pump is 150~250mmm from tank bottom. The motor lead of submersible pump is installed in capacitor box of upper controller. Exterior power supply is connected into junction box of lower controller. After carefully inspection submersible pump and guiding pipe are mounted into 4’?supporting pipe through lower controller, upper and lower part of controller are connected with screws in tank. Diagram 5-12: D421 Junction box wiring 2. Submersible pump wring The wiring of submersible pump is finished in controller, power supply and grounding line integrated in junction box that is sealed by rubber gasket. Connect the two black lines of power supply and controller, grounding line being fixed in junction box. T fuel dispenser he motor lead, black, brown and blue, respectively, are connected into capacitor box and sealed with rubber gasket. To connect the black lead of motor with the black in controller; brown with one of pins of capacitor, blue lead with the other terminal of capacitor after connecting with another black lead. Diagram 5-13: Installation of controller Diagram 5-14: Controller After connection scrutinize electric wiring and switch on power supply to refuel, inspecting the working state of submersible pump. 3. Fuel dispenser debugging 3.1 It is absolutely prohibited to debug fuel dispenser using water rather than oil or fuel. Debugging procedure of fuel dispenser A universal inspection should be conducted before first debugging of fuel dispenser, eliminating various elements that affect operation, lead connection in particular. Computer display screen and presetting display should be carefully examined as switching on power, lighter in electric box also being check. Starting up suction pump and open nozzle, carefully examine all connection and sealed joint fuel dispenser er face in case of leakage and penetration. Confirming each nozzle is corresponded to its produ

technical specification

    fuel dispenser X  MF Suppression d une table de param ╰res  3.2.2 Supprimer pour une application une table de param ╰res X X Note 5  MF Chargement pour une application des param ╰res de fonctionnement  2.6.1 Charger pour une application les param ╰res d appel ?un syst ╩e acqu reur de t l collecte X  2.6.8 Charger pour une application les param ╰res d appel ?un syst ╩e acqu reur de t l chargement X  2.6.3 Charger pour une application les param ╰res d appel ?un syst ╩e acqu reur de t l param trage X   Imprim le 210203 13:02 1191  All right reserved 铮   fuel dispenser Ref : NT1118R1   MPA V5.2: SPECIFICATIONS TECHNIQUES   Nb Pages : 1 + 0 PJ   de la LIAISON AUTOMATE-MONETIQUE   Date :  POS Department   Description SM DAC Remarques  2.6.5 Charger pour une application les param ╰res d appel ?un syst ╩e acqu reur d autorisation X  2.4.2 Charger pour une application le mode facturation t l com X  2.4.4 Charger pour une application le code pays du syst ╩e X  2.4.5 Charger pour une fuel dispenser application le code langue

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