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U211-A Power Regulator


U211-A Power Regulator


Power in : AC 100Vï½?00V; Power out : AC 200V , 2kW

Voltage protection device under unstable voltage

Easily installed into fuel dispenser

100% Factory Tested.


Weight: Dimension:

10.3kg/case of 1 150×200×340mm/case of 1

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    . Inlet pressure labeled as P1, annular passage labeled as P2 that is equivalent to fuel dispenser the P1. Diagram 2-18 the working principal drawing of metal piston measurement transducer Diagram 2-18 a: piston 1 reaches the furthest point. The side window of cylinder 1 is entirely opened by piston 1. The oil in the centre oblong chamber flows into the top of piston 4, its pressure P1. At the same time, piston 3 reaches the nearest point, annular groove overlap with the side window of piston 3, making it connected with the elliptical outlet at the upper cylinder. (See diagram 2-17). Meanwhile fuel dispenser , Piston 2 impels oil into annular passage and discharge out via the side window of Piston 3 and top elliptical window. In the statu fuel dispenser s, piston 2 and piston 4 lie in cross-bencher position, covering the windows 2 and 4 respectively. Their top pressures are P1 and P2, P1 >P2. Owing to the different pressure, piston 2 leaves the center, but piston 4 reaches the center. So do piston 1 and piston 3. Nylon wheel rotates clockwise, and come to the state of Diagram 2-18b after rounding 90 degree. Diagram 2-18: Working principle chart of metal piston measurement transducer Diagram 2-18 b: The piston 2 and Piston 4, respectively come to the furthest point and nearest point from ‘a�state under the different pressure. However, the Piston 1 and Piston 3 reach cross-bencher position. This progress as followed: Piston 2 open the side cylinder window, making oil flow into the top of Piston 1. Piston 4 gradually opens the side cylinder window and elliptical window, and Piston 3 drive oil out of measurement transducer via annular passage. Starting from the ‘b�status, Piston 1 and Piston 3 move from the cross-bencher position to the nearest point or the furthest point, respectively. So do Piston 2 and Piston 4. Nylon wheel rotates clockwise, and come to the state of Diagram 2-18b after rounding 90 degree. Diagram 2-18 c: The piston move progress is similar to the state of Diagram 2-18b. Nylon wheel rotates clockwise, and come to the sta

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    pert   audit ?person who provides specific knowledge or expertise to the audit fuel dispenser team (3.9.10)  NOTE 1 Specific knowledge or expertise relates to the organization (3.3.1) the process (3.4.1) or activity to be audited  or language or culture.  NOTE 2 A technical expert does not act as an auditor (3.9.9) in the audit team.   17  ? ISO 2005 All rights reserved   ISO 9000:2005(E)  3.9.12  audit plan  description of the activities and arrangemen fuel dispenser ts for an audit (3.9.1)  3.9.13  audit scope  extent and boundaries of an audit (3.9.1)  NOTE The audit scope generally incl fuel dispenser udes a description of the physical locations organizational units activities and  processes (3.4.1) as well as the time period covered.  3.9.14  competence   audit ?demonstrated personal attributes and demonstrated ability to apply knowledge and skills  3.10 Terms related to quality management for measurement processes  3.10.1  measurement management system  set of interrelated and interacting elements necessary to achieve metrological confirmation (3.10.3) and  continual control of measurement processes (3.10.2)  3.10.2  measurement process  set of operations to determine the value of a quantity  3.10.3  metrological confirmation  set of operations required to ensure that measuring equipment (3.10.4) conforms to the requirements (3.1.2)  for its intended use  NOTE 1 Metrological confirmation generally includes calibration or verification (3.8.4) any necessary adjustment or  repair (3.6.9) and subsequent recalibration comparison with the metrological requirements for the intended use of the  equipment as well as any required sealing and labelling.  NOTE 2 Metrological confirmation is not achieved until and unless the fitness of the measuring equipment for the intended  use has been demo

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    ting is critical for computer firms—and Intel s help in shouldering the cost is es fuel dispenser sential. The question, however, is whether the programme is simply a kickback mechanism to reward PC-makers for their loyalty to Intel, at AMD s expense. Intel denies any wrongdoing. “This is an extremely competitive market,�says Intel s Chuck Molloy. “We have to compete aggressively and we do—but we also compete within the bounds of the law.� In a sign of the sensitivity of the matter, no big PC vendor is willing to speak publicly about the issue. However, industry executives say that a fai fuel dispenser lure to purchase a preponderance of Intel products results in allotments decreasing or products being shipped late due to “unexpect fuel dispenser ed�supply-chain hiccups. “It you stray from the Intel camp, you will suddenly get a chilly reaction from your neighbourhood Intel salesperson,�explained one executive. The rivalry between Intel and AMD stretches back a quarter of a century. In the 1980s AMD made clones of Intel chips; in the 1990s they sparred in court. Over the past three years AMD has made a number of innovations that today give it a technical lead, with chips for PCs and servers that are faster, less expensive, use less electricity and generate less heat. Although AMD has gained market share, it believes Intel s actions unfairly limit its sales. The court meeting this month will start a massive paper chase as AMD uses America s generous rules on the discovery of evidence to amass documents on Intel s actions, which it can feed to regulators elsewhere. Intel s critics are heartened by a European Union antitrust ruling last month, where a firm that placed bottle-deposit machines in retail outlets was fined for striking exclusivity agreements. “Rebates and discounts cannot be used by a dominant company as part of a strategy to exclude actual and potential competitors,�stated Neelie Kroes, the EU s Competition Commissioner. Intel will not take much comfort from that. © 2006 .