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U209-A Electro-Mechanical Totalizer


U209-A Electro-Mechanical Totalizer


Power: DC12V

Total :7 digits

100% Factory Tested.


Weight: Dimension:

200g/case of 1 70×32×42mm/case of 1

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    sis to failure and trouble fuel dispenser of fuel dispenser. Table 2-3: Trou fuel dispenser bleshooting of solenoid valve Serial No Phenomenon Reason(s) Judge methods Solution 1 No delivery, abnormal in winding of solenoid valve Winding is burned No suction after switch on Replace winding 2 Normally work with noise clean guiding valve, small fuel dispenser flow valve and tighten iron core 3 Exterior leakage Tighten bolt or replace seal 4 Solenoid valve open after switch off Inner leakage clean guiding valve, small flow valve and membrane 5 Influx increased slowly at nozzle outlet as power on solenoid valve Clean guiding valve and control valve of small influx 6 No small flow rate in presetting filling Incorrect winding connection or guiding valve open Inspect connection, clean guiding valve, small flow valve and membrane 7 Small flow or no delivery in fuel dispenser Membrane or guiding valve don’t completely opened Clean or replace guiding valve, clean pipeline Article VII Hydraulic pipeline Hydraulic pipeline has two types of pipe and hole. The former, mainly connect fuel dispenser and tank, is characterized easy install and disassemble, benefiting to long delivery, however, the latter compact in size, light in weight, is used among hydraulic components. As different structures of parts manufactured by various factories, their connection methods are varied largely. Here introduce pipeline connection. 1. Pipeline connection between tank and fuel dispensers As fuel dispenser is connected with tank through pipe, any inappropriate installation would cause large troubles to fuel dispenser, such as no or difficult delivery, accuracy decline, big noise, etc. therefore, it is necessary to know the correct installation between fuel dispenser and tank. 1.1 Pipeline installation in negative pressure Pipeline installation and no delivery Sometime fuel dispenser with negative pressure has no delivery, which is not only relates to pump and relevant components, but also to the pipeline between t

technical specification

    Field Type ReadWrite M fuel dispenser O   Data Element Name  fuel dispenser Description   _Id (Value) in State   37 bin8 R(6-9) M   Current_Log_Noz  fuel dispenser (25H)   Indicates which logical nozzle is removed for the current   fuelling transaction. Coming to state STARTED the data   from Log_Noz_State (Data_Id 21 in this database) are   copied into this data element.   Its value is reset to zero after storing the transaction in the   transaction buffer.   PCD Comment:   Where the proprietary protocol allows the PCD to   establish which logical nozzle is being used it should set   this Data_Id accordingly. If not then this Data_Id must be   set to 255FFH.   38 bcd8 R(6-9) M   Current_Prod_Nb   (26H)   Selected product number for the current fuelling   transaction. The Prod_Nb is defined in the Product   Database (chapter 3.4).   Its value is reset to zero after storing the transaction in the   transaction buffer.   PCD Comment:   Where the proprietary protocol allows the PCD to   establish which product is being used it should set this   Data_Id accordingly. If not then this Data_Id should be   set to 0.  June 2005 IFSF - STANDARD FORECOURT PROTOCOL FP31_2.21   DISPENSER APPLICATION   Page

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