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U208 Electric cable


U208 Electric cable


Temperature: -40~~+105degree

Current-max :9A.Voltage-max:600V

Withstanding Voltage:1500VAC. Contact Resistance :10 milliohms max.

Insulation Resistance 1000 Megohms min.

Japinese molex brand,high quantity

Crimp Housings 4.20mm (.165") Pitch Mini-Fit, Jr. Receptacle, Dual Row.model:5557d

Crimp Terminals 4.20mm (.165") Pitch Mini-Fit Family Crimp Terminals, Female.model:5556

PCB Headers 4.20mm (.165") Pitch Mini-Fit, Jr. Header, Vertical, Dual Row without PCB Snap-In Peg Locks.model:5566vwo


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    ury witnesses rapidly development of fuel dispenser and relevant system, such as various electronic fuel dispenser display mode, presetting refueling devices, hanged fuel dispenser system without island, submersible pump filling system, fuel dispenser mounted vapor recovery devices, multi-nozzles fuel dispenser, changeable oil label dispenser, and fuel dispenser installed IC card. (see Diagrams 1-4 to 1- 10).Meanwhile, some techniques correlative filling station management were developed consequently, including the Centre manager controlling multi-dispensers, monitor system for storage tank, station’s payment, safety alarm and services system, network transmission technique among relative departments, inter-station, and internal station, as well as customer self-operate refueling station system—no staff filling station. Diagram 1-2: Scale -counter fuel dispenser It is obvious that the technology of fuel dispenser is developed along with economic progress, characteristic of wide application of electronic technolo fuel dispenser gy. Diagram 1-3: Mechanical fuel dispenser (indicating volume, PPU and sales) China’s fuel dispenser technology develops very late, having not own petrol and automotive industry, low efficient transportation between rural and suburban. The first filling station was built in China until in 1924. Although a few cities have fuel dispensers imported from Western countries, their maintenance only being conducted domestically. In 1970s, these coastal cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Qingdao, along with the restore and development of new China, the first fuel dispenser was manufactured in China. As the history of dependence upon foreign fuel dispenser came to halt, the development journey of China’s fuel dispenser technology starts its step. The fuel dispensers of Diagram 1-14 was regards as the representatives of China’s first generation fuel dispenser. Despite china’s fuel dispenser research and development it has disadvantage compared with developed countries. The mechanical counter fuel dis fuel dispenser

technical specification

    Page: 9  - Write Message  - Unsolicited Data Message with Acknowledg fuel dispenser e  - Unsolicited Data Message without Acknowledge  - Acknowledge Message  A Read Message allows an originator device to read the value(s) of any system data  element from a recipient device within a specified database. It is possible to read multiple  data elements in the one command. This is achieved by requesting a list of data elements. So  only the accessible data elements must be requested and the messages are application  dependent. The recipient must respond to the Read Message with an Answer Message  within the time-out period of 8 seconds. However if a recipient node is unable to respond it  must reply with an ACK. If for instance the device was busy it would reply with a  MSG_ACK of NAK7.  An Answer Message is a message which provides to the originator of a Read Message  all the requested data elements.  A Write Message is used to send data from an originator to a reci fuel dispenser pient device. The  identifier of the data element is defined in the recipient device. It is possible to write a  multiple data elements in the one command. This is achieved by issuing a message including  a list of data elements and their values.  Sending a Command is considered as writing a data element with no value. The same  message is able to send commands and data elements used as parameters.  The recipient must respond to the Write Message with an Acknowledge Message within  the time-out period of 8 seconds.  An Unsolicited Data Message with Acknowledge is used for sending data elements. The  recipient must respond to this message with an Acknowledge Message within the defined  time-out of 8 seconds.  The only difference from a Write Message is that the data elements (database address data  identifier data element contents) are defined in the originator device.  An Unsolicited Data Message without Acknowledge is used for sendi fuel dispenser

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    us. So, in a different way, might be the growing squeeze on foreign energy firms. Big investment fuel dispenser s are running into trouble, and after years of dangling the carrot of outside involvement in the giant offshore Shtokman gasfield, Gazprom, the state-run gas giant, now says it will go it alone. The state s attitude to both business and Georgia demonstrates Mr Putin s failure to create the “dictatorship of the law?that he once promised. Untrammelled by normal constraints such as an independent judiciary or a genuine opposition, the Kremlin makes and breaks laws as it pleases. The growth of racist violence is both evidence and result of a broader lawlessness. Lack of faith in government institutions, and especially in the police, says Eduard Ponarin of St Petersburg s European University, leads some to seek other forms of redress. A recent string of high-profile contract-killings—of a top central banker and of an engineer for a gas company that is in dispute with the government—are another sig fuel dispenser n of this lawlessness. On October 7th, Anna Politkovskaya, a journalist and campaigner (see our obituary), died in the same way. According to some (including Mr Putin), her murder was another provocation, designed to discredit the Russian authorities whom she bravely criticised. But whoever killed her, Mr Putin shares the blame for having made independent journalism both rare and perilous. Dictatorship of the lawless Russia s huge size and troubled history make any comparisons risky. Yet some see historical parallels in present trends. Yegor Gaidar, a former prime minister, draws an analogy with inter-war Germany, which like post-Soviet Russia experienced economic chaos, then a period of stabilisation in which post-imperial nostalgia took hold. Vladimir Ryzhkov, one of the few remaining independent parliamentarians, worries that Mr Putin seems to be switching from an imperial idea of Russia towards one more resembling a “Reich? History also offers a term to describe the direction fuel dispenser