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U204-A Keypad


U204-A Keypad


Adopt ITO material, water-proof design


Running normally on the condition of -40to+55degree

Gilding bottons shrapnel


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    od is to add some message at start or end of information, the additional information is authentication code that generated from calculation of message command. Authentication code correlate to message contents and used to verify accuracy if message. MAC has 4 byte length. Firstly, message is decoded after reception; then, decode authentication code by prescribed calculating mode. Thirdly, compare the two authentication code, if they are same, message has not been modified during transmission; if different, they have been modified. Chapter IV Station’s safety and environmental protection Article I Lightningproof The design and construction of filling station for vehicle should comply with the following requirements: The ligntningproof point of tank at least has two with resistance less than 10Ω. It is very important to steel tank for reducing ligntning potential and step voltage. The number of grounding point and earthing resistance are regulated based upon domestic regulation and 20 years practice. As for ground steel tank with fire-resistance need not install lightning conductor because its continuous electric capacity. Horizontal tank generally has more than 4mm steel board, processing lightning protection function as long fuel dispenser as making earthing. Therefore, it could need to install lightning conductor. All metal parts of tank body, indicating window and fire-resistance device of buried tank should grounding connection, resistance not exceeding 10. The reason for doing that is to provide a passage for direct lightning and lightning induction, preventing serious damage. Ground tank storing flammable oil could only make lightning grounding. fuel dispenser As vapor density of ground tank is lower and ig fuel dispenser nite point is high, lightning not easily to ignite oil in short time, this kind of tank just need the lightning grounding. However, the near construction and building should be calculated in terms of distance of anti-lightning. Station building and awning should adopt lightning belt to prevent strike. Lightnin

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    for additional data   b. EPS performs any checkfunctionality according to cardconfigurationsystem   status   c. EPS provides the Loyalty Receipt to be printed.  20. If the printer is not available EPS fails to print. Cashier performs any attempt to fix it: if   successful the transaction completes successfully.  21. If the printer is not available EPS fails to print. Cashier performs any attempt to fix it: if not   successful the loyalty award result is not compromised. An operational procedure might help   to manage the exception.  22. If EPS gets into an exception status transaction not possible to complete EPS tells POS   that loyalty awarding was not ok. The loyalty award has failed. An operational procedure   might help to manage the exception.  23. If POS fails to receive a response from EPS (EPS failure) the loyalty award has failed. An   operational procedure might help to manage the exception.  24. If EPS tells POS that loyalty award response but POS has failed (e.g. fails to get the   acknowledge). The loyalty award result is not compromised. An operational procedure might   help to manage the exception.  25. If authorisa fuel dispenser tion ok EPS tells POS that loyalty award was ok. No specific action by the   POS.  26. If authorisation ko EPS tells POS that loyalty award was not ok. No specific action by the   POS.  Main Flow Description - At the OPTCRIND loyalty awarding with card payment  The use case is common if payment or not: both have to commit. The difference is that the payment leads  the flow of the process; the loyalty fuel dispenser operation could fail without stopping the proces fuel dispenser s (the customer might be  willing to abort the process in case of loyalty card read failure).  The flow is the same of the flow for card payment apart that also loyalty awarding is required.  1. POS passes no sales information to EPS but requests card pre-a

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    verybody on earth. That may be true. But the area of citizen journalism that is currently growing fastest, according to Mr Moore, is the least glamorous end the so-called “hyper-local?coverage of, say, high-school sports or petty neighbourhood crime, which is usually too small even for local newspapers. This is one reason, says Mr Moore, why “in almost every market in the US we re already the number two provider of local news, after the leading local newspaper, and that s without even putting a lot of focus into it.? For society as a whole, all this new talent—from bloggers, who are “journal-ists?in the classic sense, to citizen journalists—should amount to something overwhelmingly positive. “The more journalism the better; I don t care who does it,?says Dan Gillmor. That is not, however, how professional journalists, ostensibly speaking on behalf of the public, usually choose to see it. Their mood is gloomy. Hard pressed “Among our newspapers as they now stand, little more can be said in their favour than that they do not require batteries to operate, you can swat flies with them, and they can still be used to wrap fish.?Thus Joseph Epstein, a serial author, writing in the monthly magazine Commentary. Anothe fuel dispenser r author, Philip Meyer, makes his point in the title of his 2004 book, “The Vanishing Newspaper? The last reader will recycle the last newspaper in April 2040, Mr Meyer estimates. If so, one of the most visible products of Gutenberg s movable type would expire eight years short of the printing press s 600th anniversary. By common consent, the newspaper industry is in a perfect storm. In America, circulation has fuel dispenser been gradually but steadily falling since 1990, a fuel dispenser ccording to Editor & Publisher, a trade journal. The trend in other countries is much the same. Most young people nowadays do not read a daily newspaper at all. To make matters worse (and to devalue the argument that society must preserve newspapers as “trusted?sources of news), th