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U203-F Display


U203-F Display


8 digits volume,8 digits sales,6 digits price per unit

1.2”LCD yellow backlight

running normally on the condition of -40 C to 55 C

broad sight scope from all directions

Current:600 mA

100% Factory Tested.



Dimension :

300g/case of 1 120×253×26mm/case of 1

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    C/DC convert type switch power is universally adopted in fuel dispenser. Diagram 3-13: Structural sketch map of liner voltage stabilizing power Diagram 3-14: Structural sketch map of switch stable voltage power adopted DC/DC converter Diagram 3-15: Structural sketch map of switch voltage stabilizing power adopted pulse transformer As an electronic component in fuel dispenser, stable voltage power is easily failed and possibly leads to whole trouble of fuel dispenser once appear doesn’t work. Generally, liner voltage stabilizing power adopts 78 series special voltage stabilizing integrated circuit, such as 7805 and 7812, simple design and convenient maintenance. In Diagram 3-16, a popular liner voltage stabilizing power circuit of fuel dispenser is illustrated. Switch power supply adopted pulse transformer will not introduced here, reference with relevant boos when necessary. Diagram 3-16: Circuit diagram of liner voltage stabilizing power These integrated circuits of LM2576, LM4962 AND MC34063A are widely adopted in DC/DC transformer power supply. Intrinsic safety voltage stabilizing power supply in fue fuel dispenser l dispenser This kind of direct current is able to employ in flammable and combustible environment only when mounted safety barrier. It also called intrinsic safety voltage stabilizing power supply illustrated in Diagram 3-18. Explosion-proof power supply is only used in explosion-proof box or an atmosphere without explosive gas, including its associated circuit. It is allowed to employ intrinsic safety power in explosive atmosphere, but must in explosion-proof box or an environment without explosive gas. However, its associated circuit is permitted to use in explosive gas atmosphere if meet requirements concerned. The major difference between intrins fuel dispenser ic safety power and explosion-proof power is whether install safety barrier. Diagram 3-17: Voltage stabilizing power circuit of DC/DC convertor Diagram 3-18: Sketch map of intrinsic safety power The function of setting fuel dispenser a safety barrier i

technical specification

    APPLICATION   Page: 10   PRICE POLE STATE DIAGRAM   (ERROR CONDITIONS)   INOPERATIVE   1   MAJOR ERROR MINOR ERROR   IDLE   2   MAJOR ERROR   MINOR ERROR   Figure 2  June 2005 IFSF - STANDARD FORECOURT PROTOCOL FP32_114   PRICE POLE APPLICATION   Page: 11  FIGURE 3 PRICE POLE STATE TABLE   State 1 2   INOPERATIVE IDLE   Event   Operative - 2 fuel dispenser -   Unable 1 - 1   Major-error 1 - 1   Minor-error 1 2  Description  n no state change  - n State changes to state n   not applicable  FP32_114 IFSF - STANRD FORECOURT PROTOCOL Jume 2005   PRICE POLE APPLICATION   Page: 12  2.2 State Event Description  2.2.1 State INOPERATIVE 1   STATE DESCRIPTION   INOPERATIVE fuel dispenser The PP is in the INOPERATIVE state when it is not possible to function. The   reason for this is that essential operational data is missing or a fuel dispenser

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