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U203-A Display


U203-A Display


6 digits volume,6 digits sales,4 digits price per unit

Big LCD screen and bright backlight

running normally on the condition of -40 C to 55 C



100% Factory Tested.

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    ws into pipe because of adapting one pipe in two fuel dispensers or other leakage. Bottom valve in tank or single valve in pipeline is stuck and damaged, no oil into pump. Oil level is lower than bottom valve or suction nadir. Counter at beginning of operation Due to long and much soft, hose tends to bulge under a certain pressure. Transducer will count as bulging pressure out of certain scope. This trouble can’t be solved through shorten or replace hose. As leakage in bottom valve or pipe, oil flow back into tank between operation interval because of low fuel dispenser er oil level in vapor separator and pump. Air in transducer drives to count as next time refueling. The longer interval time the more data jump. Inspect and solve pipeline leakage of oil and air. Unstable flow rate makes large tolerance; air leakage in bottom valve and pipe oil level low than bottom valve bring about much air flow into fuel dispenser. Article III Important notices to dispenser’s maintenance Due to fuel dispenser located in flamma fuel dispenser ble and combustible location, operator should pay much attentions to security preventing accident occur on human and equipment, and strictly abide by the following general requirements: Smoking and open flame is strictly prohibited in filling station in case lead to fire. Maintainer should, in accordance with safety regulations in filing station, not wear shoes with metal nail and chemical fiber easy to generate static. Cut power supply prior to maintain fuel dispenser; pick down V belt then empty oil filled in part where need to be done. Pour oil into container in case of splash out. Repairing tools should be explosion-proof, prohibiting randomly throw in case of generating spark and accident. Pay much attention not to the joint surfaces of seal and metal parts, which would lead to leakage. All components and sections should be cleaned so to prevent giblets or waste destroying parts. Carefully inspect wire connection after maintaining electric equipment, abstaining new trouble. fuel dispenser

technical specification

    physcial node is unreachable. This means the application cannot find on the network   the physcal node address of the destination. An MS_Ack of 2 is returned if the   physical node address is reachable but the logical node cannot be addressed.   At this point we know that we are addressing a working logical device. The next level   of validation is whether the device is locked. An MS_Ack of 9 is returned is the   device is locked.   We now have a unlocked logical application. The communication layer w fuel dispenser ill alert the   application if the device is busy (MS_Ack=7).or if there are any missing blocks   (MS_Ack=3). MS_Ack=7 has precedence over MS_Ack=3 because a device that is   busy generates an error after the first received frame. The IFSF protocol states that the   2 retries will be attempted before the application reports an error.  February 2006 IFSF - STANDARD FORECOURT PROTOCOL fuel dispenser FP2_1.90   COMMUNICATION SPECIFICATION   Page: 43   MS_Ack=8 Message unexpected occurs when for whatever reason the CD sends   an ANSWER or ACKNOWLEDGE message that is not expected i.e. there is no   corresponding READ or WRITE message (i.e. one with the same token in the   Message Status (M_st) field.   Example Ms_Ack=8: An error occurs in the CD processing and instead of trying to   Read the Heartbeat Interval of a device it sends an Answer message. In this example a   token of value 10 (0AH) is used.   1801 0208 02 2A 0003 0100 04   and the reply would be   0208 1801 00 EA 0003 0100 08  5.3.2 Application Data Layer Errors   At this point the sending fuel dispenser

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    t deal is now likely to survive. Assuming he is re- elected, Mr Uribe should be able to press ahead with tax and fiscal reforms and a free-trade agreement with the United States. The popularity of Mr Uribe, together with a political reform law, has changed the structure of Colombian politics. Since the mid-19th century, the country has been The president eyes the vote run by two highly factionalised parties, the Liberals and Conservatives. The reform, next time aimed at making parties more coherent, confined each to a single list of candidates and imposed a thr fuel dispenser eshold of 2% of the vote to win any seats. The effect was to eliminate many smaller parties, but also to cause the Liberals, the biggest, to splinter. The Conservatives, who had almost disappeared, now support Mr Uribe, a former Liberal, and did well. The biggest winner was the “U?Party (that s U for Uribe), a group of Liberals who support the president. It took 20 of 102 Senate seats. Six other parties supporting Mr Uribe also won seats. The offici fuel dispenser al Liberals suffered for their opposition to the president. Their tally of 17 Senate seats was down from 29 in 2002. Mr Uribe had another cause for satisfaction. In an open primary election held in parallel with the legislative vote, Horacio Serpa was chosen as the Liberal presidential candidate. In 2002, Mr Uribe easily beat Mr Serpa, who is fighting his third campaign. The Polo Democrático, a left-wing party, may have seen its chances limited when Carlos Gaviria, the more radical of two contenders, won its primary. What was unclear was how many of those elected have ties to the paramilitaries—and through them to the drug trade. Of ten candidates suspected of paramilitary links, six were elected. But others have less visible loyalties. That could yet turn into the most embarrassing aspect of an otherwise satisfying day for Mr Uribe. © 2006 . About sponsorship Argentina and Uruguay Paper chase Mar 16t fuel dispenser