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U202-A Power board


U202-A Power board

Features :

Lighting-proof design

Linear powder design, the high and low voltage isolated


100% Factory Tested.

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    but also container, vacuum pump. The hose made according to GB10543 consists of inner rubber layer, enhancing layer, conductible metal line and exterior rubber layer. Whichever hose abided by the requirements of GB/T9081-2001 Fuel dispenser for vehicle and JJG443-98 Fuel Dispenser in terms of safety and accuracy. During operation pay much attention to protect hose: avoid as much crook as possible; prevent pressure on hose; avoid and reduce abrasion with ground. 4. Connection and seal about pipeline and hydraulic elements Each part of fuel dispenser adopts pipeline connection, dividing into hard type and soft type. In hard type connection steel pipe, brass pipe and alumi fuel dispenser num pipe are adopted as pipeline, but in soft type one hose and corrugated pipe. Connected components includes relative elbow jointer, flange and directive jointer. There are following seal types: cone-shaped seal, subulate thread seal, O-ring seal, rubber and asbestos gasket, cork and rubber board, engineering rubber board. According to regulation stipulated in GB/T9081 every fuel dispenser should be conducted sealability testing before leaving factory, no leakage found under normal operation. As replace some parts or found leakage these problems should be paid attention: Cone-shaped seal structure Cone-shaped seal structure also called as expanding jointer, which is composed of pipe with outstretche fuel dispenser d end, flat spout and outside thread bushing. Sealability is ensured through tightly integration of subulate surfaces. In disassembling or reassembling cone-shaped seal structure pays much attention not to hurt or broken sublatae surfaces, cleaning waste. Thread airproof As disconnection or reassembly thread surface should be kept clean, daubing seal glue or seal belt before installation. fuel dispenser O-ring seal Most manufacturers adopts national standard to design O-ring seal, reaching a good sealability. However, some parts is impossible to adopt national standards because of specific structure. Thus, user should purchase or employ appropri

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    EPS Service Provider   MOC s   WEAT   EPS-POS   B+S   Interface   Multi-HOST-Communication   fuel dispenser Third Party   Management   EP   System -F c e   Sa   PO terf   In   OPT stand alone fuel dispenser    LO   N   OPT Outdoor Payment Terminal   Connectable via IFSF to   Third Party Systems  Scheidt Bachmann GmbH   fuel dispenser Seite:2  M nchengladbach Germany  www.scheidt-bachmann.de  

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