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U201-A Main board


U201-A Main board

Features :

Dual stable voltage input

Running normally on the condition of -40~~+55degree

Board-fixed EMC component

Input & output signal differentiate from system voltage individually

CPU changed only for different models


100% Factory Tested.

Con Conection Con Conection Con Conection

P1 micro-swith 1 P6 power board P12 ----------

P2 micro-swith 2 P7 sensor 1 P13 display 1/A

P51 keypad 2 P8 sensor 2 P14 display 1/B

P3 keypad 1 P9 computer

P4 power board and SSR P11 display 2

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    . Oil in separating chamber fail to flow into low pressure chamber because return valve is jammed due to big floater split and much waste in return valve. Many operations without refueling lead to overflow in exhausting pipe. Fuel without data count Pin installed on the elbow of measurement transducer has broken. Replace new elbow or pin. It has some wrong in count pulse of transducer though axis is still rotated. Inspect wiring of double opticaleletric pulse, main board and chipset. Confirm that whether trouble of short circuit on wiring board. 11. Although fuel dispenser normally discharge display screen don’t show data. Failure in PPU change Using multimeter examines parameter lock whether o fuel dispenser pen or closed. Computer of fuel dispenser is on power, but can’t start operation. Firstly inspect keyboard lock’s state, capacitor on wiring board. Measure voltage of power supply (?V, ?2 V). Examine switch signal, change when necessary. Inspect boot-strap signal,replace new main board as signal break. Examine power supply wiring if motor stop rotation with signal. Abnormal stop in operation Inspect voltage of power supply (?V, ?2 V), change the one that low voltage. Lead connection is not fixed. Tight bolt fixing lead. Wire voltage of motor is unstable. Display screen trouble Change display screen with new one. If still don’t displays replace main board of fuel dispenser Keyboard trouble Replace with a new keyboard, if could work there is wrong in previous keyboard. If still don’t work with a new keyboard, trouble would be in mainboard. Computer doesn’t work on power Inspect voltage of power supply (?V, ?2 V),replacing broken one. Examine SW signal; if failure replacing optical board. If SW signal is in normal state, replace main board. Date jump in disp fuel dispenser lay screen as hold up or put down nozzle One of reason is leakage on pipeline and bottom valve. Randomly prolong or replace non-standard pipe and hose also make this trouble on fuel dispen fuel dispenser

technical specification

    the payment terminal   48-39 Delivery note number n 10 Optional - number allocated by the   terminal to the customer   48-40 Encryption parameter b 8 Conditional - if card scheme requires it   49 Currency code an 3 Mandatory - used to indicate the   transaction (5F2A) transaction currency - ISO   4217.   52 Personal identifica fuel dispenser tion b 8 Conditional required with PIN entry.   number (PIN data)   53 Security related control LLVAR b 48 Conditional see appendix B   information   55 Field length LLLVAR b 255 Mandatory Used for EMV card -   Specifies length of field and   if present following TAGs   will be used as stated.   TAG App interchange profile b 2 Mandatory Indicates the capabilities of   82 the card to support specific   functions in the app   TAG Issuer application data b ..32 Mandatory Contains propri fuel dispenser etary   9F10 application data for   fuel dispenser

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