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U105 Nozzle Boot


U105 Nozzle Boot


Body: Body: Aluminum (Spray-Painted)


Product ID Net Weight Cross Weight Dimension

U105-A 1.5kg/case of1 1.6kg/case of1 8.9×7.7×41cm/case of1

U105-B 1.7kg/case of1 1.8kg/case of1 8.9×7.7×41cm/case of1

U105-C 1.1kg/case of1 1.2kg/case of1 8.9×7.7×41cm/case of1

U105-D 1.3kg/case of1 1.4kg/case of1 8.9×7.7×41cm/case of1

U105-E 1.5kg/case of1 1.6kg/case of1 8.9×7.7×41cm/case of1

U105-F 1.7kg/case of1 1.8kg/case of1 8.9×7.7×41cm/case of1

U105-G 1.7kg/case of1 1.8kg/case of1 8.9×7.7×41cm/case of1

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    bstitute post according to system presetting (optional); Available to employ customer card to fill according to system presetting (optional); Check balance of staff card and aggregate of IC card fuel dispenser through staff card; Access to one person hold many cards; (optional) The number range of staff card is 1 to 199, reserve other number; Power-off protection IC card system would finish payment deduction according to real volume if power is cut off during filing, or deduct payment or make grey record at next operation; Filling record, staff and system information are not lost in the moment of power cut; Filling record, staff and system information are not lost in period of power cut; Offline working IC card fuel dispenser still able to work when centre controller fail; After solution to centre controller trouble, the communication of IC card fuel dispenser with background will be restored, offline filing record can be transmitted to center controller. IC card fuel dispenser fuel dispenser will stop filing, if the trouble of center controller cannot deal with and offline filing record has reached prescribed amount (each filling unit no less 1,000 pcs). Renew data in time fuel dispenser IC card fuel dispenser communicates and exchanges data with Center Controller as connecting power, so as to keep latest version of PPU, staff table and blacklist. In online state, IC card system promptly obtains newest system information so as to keep the deployment of IC card fuel dispenser and system consistent. Automatically changing PPU and unifying PPU Each unit sector in system will be renewed immediately when Center controller receive new PPU. Nozzle doesn’t be opened if PPU is inconsistent in system; Unit price can be changed during filing process. Auto check time with centre controller In online state, the time on fuel dispenser is coherent to that of fuel dispenser center controller. Auto diagnosis IC card fuel dispenser automatically diagnoses data as power connection, such as unit price, station deployment, staff table, bl

technical specification

    information   required for tax   purposes   Length 000 if no   63-10 Product specific LLLVAR n 693   product specific   information data returned  63-10 Product Specific Information  (repeated as many times as needed for product-specific data)   63-10-1 Product n 3   n   63-10-2 fuel dispenser Balance 7   n   63-10-3 Balance measurem fuel dispenser ent 2   n   63-10-4 Discount 7   n   63-10-5 Discount measurement 2  Balance Measurement Discount Measurements  63-3 and 63-10-3 63-563-763-10-5   Description Code Description   Co fuel dispenser de   Not present Not present   00

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