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U104-A 3-phase Connection


U104-A 3-phase Connection

This type of meter is used to fuel dispensers for measurement of pressurized oil.


Body: Aluminum (Spray-Painted)


Net Weight:

1.7kg/case of 1

Gross Weight: 1.9kg/case of 1

Dimension: 36x15x15cm/case of 1

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    As past over long service time, parts abrasion universally or cylinder severely damaged, a new measurement transducer should be installed to replace old one. As find exterior leakage, firstly inspect the bolts corresponding to leak section. Tightly screw loose bolts, if leakage is continued, disconnect and inspect the seal ring and gasket relative section. Substitute aging or damaged parts and reassemble. Apart from the above reasons of extensive colloid and surface abrasion, these trouble also cause abnormal operation of measurement transducer, such as position pin fall down from piston or deformation, small axis lost on upper and lower connecting rod, loose bolt between piston and connecting rod. The solution is that disassembling measurement transducer, replace damaged or unqualified components and reassemble. The products made in normal factory seldom appear these troubles. Since measurement transducer is core component of fuel dispenser, elaborate machining, disconnection and reassembly should be as careful as possible. All elements should be clean fuel dispenser ed before reassembly, excluding water into inner. Bolts are tightened even and appropriately. Soft-piston measurement transducer As these merits --- small in size, light weight, beautiful appearance, high accuracy, piston exchangeable--- soft-piston measurement transducer is widely adapted in domestic fuel dispenser market. It generally involves two structures: four-piston structure and double-piston structure. The latter model is selected universally. Therefore, this article will introduce the structure, working principal and maintenance of four- piston measurement transducer. Structure Diagram 2-20 and Diagram 2-21 show the cutaway view and exploded drawing of four-piston measurement transducer that is widely em fuel dispenser ployed. The transducer mainly consists of sealed cover, upper subassembly, export axis, frame subassembly, piston subassembly, connecting rod and top cover, clearly presenting in Diagram 2-20 and Diagram 2-21. Diagram 2-20: Cutaway view fuel dispenser

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    1 Physical Includes the connectors cables and so on  As a data packet passes from the application layer down through the layers each layer adds its own header and  footer information before passing the new packet down to the next layer. Once at the physical layer the complete  packet is transmitted to the next node where it is passed up the layers with the information headers stripped off one  by one. At the end the data packet arrives at the application layer of the destination.  These packets of information that are passed over the network are called datagrams; each datagram contains a  header that include all relevant information needed to deliver the data correctly. The main parts of the datagram  header include the source and destination port numbers that are used to send the data to be transferred between  the correct processes running on each or one computer. There is also a sequence number that allows the  destination computer to rebuild the sequence of datagrams into the correct order and lastly there is an er fuel dispenser ror-  detection checksum.  The Internet Protocol (IP) part of the complete TCPIP family is responsible for moving the data from one computer  to another using the network layer of the model. The IP is limited in that it does not contain any error detection or  correction information nor does it establish or manage the link. Instead it relies on TCP to carry out all of these  functions the IP simply sends the datagram. As with the other layers IP adds its own header to the datagram it  receives. This header contains basic information such as the length of the data protocol and version of IP being  used.  Working on top of the TCPIP suite of protocols are all sorts of applications that will be familia fuel dispenser r to most experts:  SNMP for network management FTP for file transfer SMTP for email transfer HTTP the Hypertext Transfer  Protocol DNS for Domain Name Services etc.  IFSF POSEPS Implementa fuel dispenser

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