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U103-C Filter


U103-C Filter


Body: Aluminum(spray-painted)

Technical Specifications:

Working pressure:0.2Mpa

Filter accuracy:30um

Maximum flow rate:220L/min


Features :




Product ID Net Weight Cross Weight Dimension

U103-C 18kg/case of35 19kg/case of35 50×28×35cm/case of35

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    ents on metrological management. The chapter briefly introduces fuel dispenser’s metrological management and technical requirements, appraisal related and attentions. Article I Metrological management and technical requirements In accordance with The Law on Metrology of fuel dispenser’s legal management mainly includes following aspects: Model approval, initial approval, subsequent appraisal and inspection in operation. Model approval refers to an entire test, examination and assessment as to new model’s entire performance. Initial approval refers to assess whether or not the fuel dispenser made by manufacturer in accordance with the model having been ratification through a series of testing, as well as metrological performance with relative metrological rules and regulations. Initial approval really has two phases ?- approval combined with fuel dispenser factory test, and testing appraisal after installation. Subsequent appraisal is conducted after long time since initial appraisal, from which considerable appr fuel dispenser aisal period is set down according to related requirements. Periodical appraisal is also regarded as the continued subsequent appraisal. Fuel dispenser’s measuring performance within appraisal period needs to be examined, so filling station should deploy self-check standard instrument (no less than 20L) to examine and inspect. Apart from applied to fuel dispenser approval, JJG443-98 also adapt sample testing and pattern evaluation. Although there are two items of accuracy and flow distance ratio conducted in initial approval and subsequent evaluation, there are other technical parameters different from approval as for fuel dispen fuel dispenser ser made after passing pattern evaluation, including minimum calculated volume and minimum cubic variable. Several items reference to the pattern evaluation and sampling testing of mechanical hydraulic section of fuel dispenser as followed: Accuracy testing The testing’s purpose is to define the flow curve and verify the tolerance scope in which the allowed maximum tol

technical specification

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