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U103-B Filter


U103-B Filter


Body: Aluminum(spray-painted)

Technical Specifications:

Working pressure:0.2Mpa

Filter accuracy:30um

Maximum flow rate:220L/min


Features :




Product ID Net Weight Cross Weight Dimension

U103-B 18kg/case of35 19kg/case of35 50×28×35cm/case of35

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    be installed in oil; in some regions and mount areas adopts high bracket tank, to refuel through oil gravity. Under these two situations the inlet oil pressure of fuel dispenser is larger than atmospheric pressure. The latter model adopts volume pump --- often gear pump or vane pump, installing inside of fuel dispenser together with motor. A certain vacuum pressure occurs at the inlet of fuel dispenser when fueling. Fuel dispenser mounted submersible pump, its pump being inside of tank with low noise, has large room to facilitate design many nozzles. The negative pressure fuel dispenser, however, has the benefit of convenient maintenance and low price of whole system. At recent, as negative pressure one prevails in market, the article mainly introduce this kind of fuel dispenser. Negative pressure fuel dispenser normally selects a ration cubage pump. In order to ensure adjusting flow rate there is a bypass valve connected with pump in juxtaposition. When refueling fuel dispenser’s discharge capacity is controlled by the return volume of bypass valve that, of course, ensure the hydraulic system security of fuel dispenser. This kind of bypass valve generally is overflow valve that is closed down while fuel dispenser dot work, and always open as fuelling. The return volume of overflow valve is changed by fuel dispenser’s flowage. Pump is a key component. Its performance is measured through the following aspects: suction capacity, reliability, noise and stability. Of date, some manufacturer put pump and oil-air separator into a common frame, but some install these elements respectively. Some people in circle call pump and oil-air as pump source. Pump’s performance only relate to its structure design and manufacturing level, not the connection of components. The handbook, therefore, introduce by the category of pump, not by the connection of oil-air separator. Vance pump It is also called rolling broad pump. Tanks to less weigh than gear pump and column plug pump, high pollute-resistant, simple structur f fuel dispenser uel dispenser fuel dispenser

technical specification

    a requirement  that the PCD is capable of supporting more than one logical device on one physical address.  This intern implies that the IFSF SCCD devices must be capable of communicating with  devices that have a different physical address (PNA) to the logical address (LNA).  To allow more than one PCD to be active on the site the PCD will have to allow its physical  address (PNA) to be configured. The PCD also needs to allow the logical (LNA) address for  each of the proprietary dispenserspumps to be set up.  A subnet address for PCDs will need to be defined in the IFSF Communication Subnet table.  6.4 Heartbeat Handling  The PCD must provide an IFSF communications database for each proprietary device  connected to it. This is important as the PCD will also have to generate the IFSF heartbeats as  if these devices were native IFSF devices. Hence each device will need to have its own  heartbeat interval and recipient table.  The PCD and the IFSF SCCD must also be aware that the heartbeat messages can be  transmitted and received from devices where the physical (PNA) and logical (LNA) addresses  may be different.  6.5 General Rules  The PCD must make every effort to implement the fullest IFSF implementation possible.  However there are some circumstances where 100% compatibility is not possible. In these  cases the PCD will have to indicate clearly to the SCCD that a command or Data Id read or  write operation could not be carried out. The IFSF protocols have a comprehensive set of  standard reject codes that can be used to indicate why some action was not carried out.  For any command that can not be carried out the PCD can unless otherwise documented reject  the write message with a MS_ACK=5 and a Data_ACK=5 (Command not understood  implemented) and stay in the same device state.  For any read attempt that can not be supported by the PCD the PCD will unless documented  otherwise generate an fuel dispenser fuel dispenser fuel dispenser

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