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U103-A Filter


U103-A Filter

This device is mainly applied in the system of dispenser to remove the solid sedimentation is the oil ,ensuring the cleaning of the oil or like ,and as a result to extend the life span and accuracy of the flow meter. In the system of dispenser ,it is fixed between the oil pump and the flow meter.


Body: Body: Aluminum (Spray-Painted)

Seals: Buna-N

Technical Specifications:

Working pressure:0.2Mpa

Filter accuracy:30um

Flow Rate:65L/min

Rating Medium:Gasoline,Kerosene, Diesel

100% Factory Tested.


Product ID Net Weight Cross Weight Dimension

U103-A 2kg/case of1 2.2kg/case of1 20x13x14cm/case of1

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    mp will decrease and overflow valve cut down flowa fuel dispenser ge passed. When need fuel dispenser to decrease flow rate, one will reduce openness of nozzle so as to increase the outlet pressure of pump. In that case, openness of valve and returned oil increase due to overflow valve work on spring, the outlet flowage of fuel dispenser is lessened. When the pressure of hydraulic system in fuel dispenser is suddenly increased due to some cause, overflow valve overcome spring strength under high pressure, raise openness and returned oil flowage to reduce pump pressure and protect the hydraulic system. Clockwise turn adjusting bolt of overflow valve given the openness of nozzle is unchanged the flux of fuel dispenser will be increased; anticlockwise turn decrease flux. Performance of vane pump Suction capacity Like other pump the good performance of vane pump should has high suction capacity, excellent stability with less vibration, small transitional volume, low noise, nice reliability and maintainable. These traits depend upon rational structure design, right selection of material and manufacturing level. User’s correct usage and maintenance is very important as well. Vane pump suction capacity mainly lies in the two aspects: suction distance and avoidance of air pocket. Diagram 2-5 is about pump, explaining pump suction distance. Suction distance refers to fuel dispenser’s capacity to suck oil from a certain vertical and horizontal distance, often meaning vertical distance. Keeping suction distance a definite vacuum pressure in pump inlet is prerequisite. When the oil level is high or low in tank pump inlet vacuum pressure is often high. Under such high pressure, overflow valve overcome spring strength increase openness and returned oil. Due to the pressure returned oil in other penetrative section is also increased, the filling flux is cut down consequently. The outlet flux of fuel dispenser becomes zero when returned oil reaches a certain volume. Therefore, when the returned oil of overflow valve and other penetrative s fuel dispenser

technical specification

    duct in Product Database with address 42H   fuel dispenser 媴 fuel dispenser   媴   8 = product in Product Database with address 48H   Please note that dispensers that do not permit this Data_Id   to be changed remotely should:   Reject any write attempts with a Data_ACK value   of 2 (Read OnlyNot Writable).   Must set the Data_Id to the hardcoded default   value.   When a master resetcold start occurs on the dispenser   device the dispenser should reset this Data_Id to its default   value.   PCD Comment:   It s important that the PCD supports this configuration   Data_Id as it will be critical in calculating totals where the   proprietary pump protocol can not supply the totals   directly.   TOTAL   20 Long_ R(1-9) M   Meter_Total   (14H) Volume   Total for the single pulse meter. The total is permanently   updated during the fuelling transaction.   PCD Comment:   Some proprietary protocols will not allow the meter totals   to be read remotely. If this is the case as soon as a   transaction data is received the PCD will have to calculate   this total itself. Obviously it may not be possible for the   PCD to update the meter totals during the fuelling   transaction. The PCD should also consider that it is   advisable that these totals are stored securely and with   some type of memory backup.   MANUFACTURER OIL COMPANY SPECIFIC  March 2006 fuel dispenser

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