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U102-C Gear Pump


U102-C Gear Pump


Body: Cast lron (Spray-Painted)

seals: Buna-N

Technical Specifications:


Flow Rate:45~55L/min

Rotary speed :800~1000rpm


Vacuum :>=0.054Mpa

Pressure Drop:0.12-0.25Mpa

Air separation ability:20%

Features :

Positive displacement,self priming,internal adjustable bypass valve

Designed for quiet, vibration-free operation.Reusable suction

strainer filter and reverse check valve inside adapted

Check and relief valve inside adapted

100% tested before Ex-Factory


Product ID Net Weight Cross Weight Dimension

U102-C 32kg/case of 1 32.5kg/case of 1 27×35× 42cm/case of 1

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    erance not ex fuel dispenser ceed ±0.3%,repeated measuring no more than 0.15% as fuel dispenser is operated within the flow range between maximum flow-rate (Qmax) and minimum flow-rate (Qmin). Flux scope is also called measurable range --- between minimum measured value and maximum flow-rate within basic tolerance. The ratio of maximum flow rate to minimum fuel dispenser flow rate is called measurable ratio. In model testing the value is 10 to 1. Accuracy testing is conducted at six flow points within the measurable range so as to get their tolerances. This relation between tolerance and flux is called the tolerance nature of flow meter. The less flow tolerance the better. Measurable range ratio is 10 to 1 as fuel dispenser being left factory, testing three flux points, that is, Qmax, 0.4 Qmax, 0.1 Qmax . However, the ratio in operation place is 5 to 1, only testing two flow points -- Qmax , 0.2 Qmax . Minimum measured volume testing Testing purpose is to assess indicative tolerance when refueling by minimum measured value. Relevant regulations stipulate that the minimum flow rate don’t surplus 5L as for a fuel dispenser with maximum flow rate no more than 60L. Its maximum tolerance in terms of minimum measured value don’t exceed ±0.5%, measurable repeatability no more than ±0.25%. Flow stoppage testing The testing is conducted in order to define the possible tolerance range that generated in refueling progress in which hydraulic flow stop suddenly due to some accidents like power cut. Vapor separator performance testing It is conducted to value the capacity of vapor separator how much vapor would be divided from oil. Vapor separator’s function is to ensure that media passing over flow meter should be in single direction without any foam or bubble. Otherwise, flow meter can’t get right value of measurement. Volume fluctuation testing The test is aimed at defining the hose’s inner cubage variability of fuel dispenser under maximum pressure condition. According to fuel dispenser’s working principal, hose always fuel dispenser

technical specification

    Its fuel dispenser value is reset to zero after storing the transaction in the   transaction buffer.   PCD Comment:   As this is an optional data field the PCD can NAK any   write requests to this Data_Id with a Data_ACK code of 4   (Data does not exist in this device) or reply to a fuel dispenser ny read   request with an answer message with the respective   Data_Id s length set to 0.   42 bcd 4 R(6-9) 0   Current_Price_Set_Nb   (2AH) Indicates the current Price_Set_Nb in use by this (0-9999)   dispenser.   PCD Comment:   As this is an optional data field the PCD can NAK any   write requests to this Data_Id with a Data_ACK code of 4   (Data does not exist in this device) or reply to any read   request with an answer message with the respective   Data_Id s length set to 0.  FP31_2.21 IFSF - STANDARD FORECOURT PROTOCOL June 2005   DISPENSER APPLICATION   Page: 104   FUELLING POINT DATABASE   DB_Ad = FP_ID (21H-24H)   Data Field Type ReadWrite MO   Data Element Name   Description   _Id (Value) in State   CONFIGURATION   43 Bin8 R(1-9) O   Multi_Nozzle_Type   (2BH)   This data ID returns the type of physical nozzle associated   with a removed physical nozzle as defined in Data_Id 43. fuel dispenser

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