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U102-B Gear Pump


U102-B Gear Pump


Body: Aluminum (Spray-Painted)

seals: Buna-N

Technical Specifications:


Flow Rate:45~90L/min

Rotary speed :630~730rpm


Vacuum :>=0.054Mpa

Pressure Drop:0.12-0.25Mpa

Air separation ability:20%

Features :

Positive displacement,self priming,internal adjustable bypass valve

Designed for quiet, vibration-free operation.Reusable suction

strainer filter and reverse check valve inside adapted

Check and relief valve inside adapted

100% tested before Ex-Factory


Product ID Net Weight Cross Weight Dimension

U102-B 18kg/case of 1 18.5kg/case of 1 36Ă—32Ă— 30cm/case of 1

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    . Presetting refuel and non-presetting refuel Fuel dispenser’s hose is full of oil in non-presetting refueling fuel dispenser progress. Due to the function of solenoid valve in presetting refuel progress, hose is not full as that of non-presetting. Only one refuel mode is adapted in appraisal progress because hose cubage directly affect accuracy of fuel dispenser. Oil Volatility The working media of fuel dispenser always is volatile, vehicle gasoline in particular. Oil volatilization inevitably affect the appraisal result, therefore, it is prohibited to conduct test in large wind or high temperature whether. Chapter VII Failure and Troubleshooting Like any other machinery, fuel dispenser u fuel dispenser navoidably appears failure during long time of operation. it is not a simple thing in maintenance progress as judge the trouble part or reason. Since fuel dispenser is composed of varied mechanical, electronic and hydraulic components, a failure maybe caused by diverse reasons or a same reason result in different trouble. In addition, fuel dispenser operates with other exterior devices --- outside power network, tank, delivery pipeline, etc, which also generating abnormal working -- rather than independently. Therefore, fuel dispenser’s functional failure is just phenomenon, mechanical failure is root reason. Only know working principle and structure firstly, can repairer correctly judge failure reason and solve trouble. In order to do that the academic knowledge is needed to support, to learn the relation between causation and phenomenon, and ceaselessly summarize practical experience. In short, as for fuel dispenser’s failure, preventive guideline and strict safety operation regulation, should be carried out, enforcing regulative maintenance and inspection, getting rid of trouble within burgeon state. Owing to various models and structure in domestic fuel dispense market, specific type should be maintained in accordance with the User’s Manual, the handbook only presents the common failure and troubleshooting of genera fuel dispenser

technical specification

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