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U102-A2 Pumping Unit


U102-A2 Pumping Unit


Body: Aluminum (Spray-Painted)

seals: Buna-N

Technical Specifications:


Flow Rate:45~90L/min

Rotary speed :630~730rpm

Noise: 68db(A)

Minimum. vacuum degree: 0.054Mpa

Pressure Drop: 0.12-0.25Mpa

Separate Ability of Oil and Air: >=20%

Features :

Positive displacement, self priming, internal gear type and adjustable bypass valve.

Designed for quiet, vibration-free operation.

Reusable suction strainer filter at inlet connection.

Reverse check valve at air separator float mechanism.

Check and relief valve at outlet of pumping unit.

100% Factory Tested.


Product ID Net Weight Cross Weight Dimension

U102-A2 18kg/case of 1 18.5kg/case of 1 36×32× 30cm/case of 1

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    mp will decrease and overflow valve cut down flowage passed. When need to decrease flow rate, one will reduce openness of nozzle so as to increase the outlet pressure of pump. In that case, openness of valve and returned oil increase due to overflow valve work on spring, the outlet flowage of fuel dispenser is lessened. When the pressure of hydraulic system in fuel dispenser is suddenly increased due to some cause, overflow valve overcome spring strength under high pressure, raise openness and returned oil flowage to reduce pump pressure and protect the hydraulic system. Clockwise turn adjusting bolt of overflow valve given the openness of nozzle is unchanged the flux of fuel dispenser will be increased; anticlockwise turn decrease flux. Performance of vane pump Suction capacity Like other pump the good performance of vane pump should has high suction capacity, excellent stability with less vibration, small transitional volume, low noise, nice reliability and fuel dispenser maintainable. These traits depend upon rational structure design, rig fuel dispenser ht selection of material and manufacturing level. User’s correct usage and maintenance is very important as well. Vane pump suction capacity mainly lies in the two aspects: suction distance and avoidance of air pocket. Diagram 2-5 is about pump, explaining pump suction distance. Suction distance refers to fuel dispenser’s capacity to suck oil from a certain vertical and horizontal distance, often meaning vertical distance. Keeping suction distance a definite vacuum pressure in pump inlet is prerequisite. When the oil level is high or low in tank pump inlet vacuum pressure is often high. Under such high pressure, overflow valve overco fuel dispenser me spring strength increase openness and returned oil. Due to the pressure returned oil in other penetrative section is also increased, the filling flux is cut down consequently. The outlet flux of fuel dispenser becomes zero when returned oil reaches a certain volume. Therefore, when the returned oil of overflow valve and other penetrative s

technical specification

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