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U102-A Pumping Unit


U102-A Pumping Unit


Body: Aluminum (Spray-Painted)

seals: Buna-N

Technical Specifications:

Working Motor Power: 750 W

Maximum. Flow: 60L/min

Rotary speed of pump: 520 rip

Noise: 68db(A)

Minimum. vacuum degree: 0.054Mpa

Pressure Drop: 0.12-0.25Mpa

Separate Ability of Oil and Air: >=20%

Features :

Positive displacement, self priming, internal gear type and adjustable bypass valve.

Designed for quiet, vibration-free operation.

Reusable suction strainer filter at inlet connection.

Reverse check valve at air separator float mechanism.

Check and relief valve at outlet of pumping unit.

100% Factory Tested.

Replacement Parts:

Key Description Materials

1 Coupling Aluminum

2 Sealing O-ring φ82*24 Buna-N

3 Sealing gasket-ring Buna-N

4 Up cap Aluminum

5 Floating kits Swell Buna

6 Cap Aluminum

7 Screen kits

8 Overfill prevention valve kits

9 Graphite vane Graphite

10 Body Aluminum

11 Outler valve kits

12 Cap Brass

13 Sealing gasket Aluminum

14 Exhausting Joint Buna-N

15 Pipe Kits Aluminum

16 Sealing gasket Buna-N

17 Sealing gasket Buna-N


Product ID Net Weight Cross Weight Dimension

U102-A 17.5kg/case of 1 18.5kg/case of 1 35.5x27x33cm/case of 1

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    nut 2-Gasket 3-Nut 4-Jointer 5-Spring seat 6-Spring 7-Overflow valve core 8-Valve seat 9-O-ring 10-Nut 11-Washer 12-Bolt 13-Elastic gasket 14-V-wheel 15-V-belt board 16-Pressure plate 17-Framework oil seal 18-Bolt 19-Elastic washer 20-Pump cove fuel dispenser r 21-Sliding bearing 22-Rotor unit 23-Woodruff key 24-Vane 25-Spring flake 26-Sliding bearing 27-Plug 28-O-ring 29-Pump body 30-Nut 31-Flat washer 32-Gaslet 33-Bolt 34-Adjusting bolt Diagram 2-2: Exploded drawing of vane pump Diagram 2-3: Installation of rotor of vane pump Diagram 2-4 show the pump’s working situation. A Section and B Section are the neared vane, which rotate together with rotor clockwise. The turning Vane A increases the cubage of low pressure transitional area, oil being sucked into pump. Fuel between vane A and Vane B is brought to high pressure transitional area as the vane go around clockwise. In high pressure transitional area cubage become smaller because of vane rotation, as result, oil is impelled out under the vane pressure. When rotor turns continually oil in tank is sucked into pump and then discharged out ceaselessly to form a stable flowage. Pump flowage formula is showed in Diagram 2-1. Diagram 2-4: Vane sketch map Q = 2e (Πd-SZ) bnη (2-1) In the formula: Q ── actual flux e ── eccentric moment D ── diameter of chamber b ── vane height S ── vane thickness n ── rotate speed of rotor Z ── vane number η ── volume efficiency fuel dispenser Taking security for granted GB50156-2002 of The Regulation of design and construction on vehicle gas & fuel filing st fuel dispenser ation stipulates that the outlet flow-rate of fuel dispenser don’t exceed 60L/min. Overflow valve The real flow rate of vane pump surpass 60L/min. the redundant flowage back into the inlet of pump via overflow valve to make the outlet flow rate don’t exceed 60L/min. Vane pump can adjust flowage as it belongs to ration pump. When increasing fuel dispenser’s flowage openness of nozzle is enlarged, outlet pressure of pu

technical specification

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