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U101-E Flowmeter


U101-E Flowmeter


Body: Aluminum (Spray-Painted)

seals: Buna-N

Technical Specifications:

Discharge rate of each revolution:037L

Flow rate range:20L~220L/min


Repeat error:≤?.15%

Environmental condition:-40~~+70degree


Product ID Net Weight Cross Weight Dimension

U101-D 8kg/case of 1 9kg/case of 1 28×25× 18cm/case of 1

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    emperature of nozzle. tj.; Stop fuel dispenser. Readout indicating valve Vj, unit price Pu, and sale vale Pj. (keep two digitals after decimal.); Readout vernier value corresponding to nadir in measuring neck as foam and bubble disappear completely. Calculate out standard cubage VB (keep two digitals after decimal.) under 20 ? Then measure oil temperature tB in the middle of the standard measurer; Empty measurer according to stipulation; Rep fuel dispenser eat Procedure 4 to 8 at least twice; Regulat flow rate to the minimum rate Qmin, as for appraisal or period appraisal after ground installation, Qmin = 0.2 Qmax. Repeat Procedure 4 to 8 at least three times; Till now ground appraisal has been finished, namely, take six groups of data at least under two kinds of flow rate and repeat it 3 times. Data processing calculating formula Calculating formula for real volume VBt in standard measurer under testing temperature tj: VBt = VB [1+βY (tj - tB) + βB (tB-20) ] (6-1) Relative volume error formula: EV = (VJ –VBt) / VBt ×100% (6-2) Measure repeatability formula: En = EVmax ?Evmin (6-3) Flow rate calculating formula: Qv = 60Vj / t (6-4) Due money formula: PC = Vj · Pu (6-5) Due money error formula: EP = Pj -Pc (6-6) In above six formulae: VBt──real volume valve (L) under in measurer; VB──standard cubage of measurer under 20; βY , βB──volume expansion coefficient of appraisal media oil and measurer, respectively, (gasoline: 12×10-4/? kerosene: 9×10-4/? light diesel oil :9×10-4/? stainless steel:50×10-6/? carbonized steel:33×10-6/? brass , bronze: 53×10-6/? tj , tB──oil temperatures in flow meter (or nozzle outlet)and standard measurer VJ── cubage value (L) under tj?temperature EV── relative cubage error (%) n ── measuring times fuel dispenser fuel dispenser

technical specification

    Asc3 R( ) M   CHSMC_Model   To allow the controller device to interrogate the model.   3 Asc3 R( ) M   CHSMC_Type   To allow the controller device to interrogate the type.   4 fuel dispenser Bcd4 R( ) M   CHSMC_Country   Country where the Card Handling Server is installed. This contains the value   from ISO3166 - numeric codes for the representation of country names   (NNN) for the country where it is installed.   0000 Country independent   9NNN Country dependent.   5 Asc12 R( ) M   PPMC_SerialNo   To allow the controller device to interrogate the serial number.   6 Asc12 R( ) M   PPMC_ProtocolVersion   To allow the controller device to interrogate the version number of the   protocol application software.   7 Asc12 R( ) M   PPMC_SoftwareVersion   To allow the controller device to interrogate the version number of the main   application software.  chs_100 STANDARD FORECOURT PROTOCOLJ. Carrier April 1998 - FINAL DRAFT 1.00   CARD HANDLING SERVER APPLICATION   fuel dispenser fuel dispenser

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