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FlowMeter Type : Optional

Accuracy : ±0.2%

Pressure Loss (kg/cm) :Under 0.25

Motor Voltage(V) :110V/220V/380V,50Hz/60Hz

Capacity(hp): 1HP(0.75kw)

Input Voltage :110V/220V/380V,50Hz/60Hz

Nozzle :Auto Shut-off Nozzle

Environmental Condition :-40~~+55degree

Control Type :Solenold Vale Control Type

Preset Function :Provided(Small LCDIndicator)

Display(Counter) :Type LCD and Bright Backlight

Digit of Volume :0~~999,999(6 Digits),Decimal point can be changed

Digit of Amount :0~~999,999(6 Digits),Decimal point can be changed

Digit of Unit price : 0~~9999(4 Digits),Decimal point can be changed

Digit of Total Range :0~~99,999,999,99

Optional Display :Type LCD and Bright Backlight

Digit of Volume :0~~99,999,999(8 Digits),Decimal point can be changed

Digit of Amount : 0~~99,999,999(8 Digits),Decimal point can be changed

Digit of Unit price : 0~~999999(6 Digits),Decimal point can be changed

Digit of Total Range :0~~99,999,999,99

Totalizer: 1~~9,999,999

Hose :4.5m

Weight :215kg

Dimension(L×W×H) : 1060*550*1620(mm)

Dimension(L×W×H)Of Qty of Container : 40ft: 44 20ft: 22

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    nut 2-Gasket 3-Nut 4-Jointer 5-Spring seat 6-Spring 7-Overflow valve core 8-Valve seat 9-O-ring 10-Nut 11-Washer 12-Bolt 13-Elastic gasket 14-V-wheel 15-V-belt board 16-Pressure plate 17-Framework oil seal 18-Bolt 19-Elastic washer 20-Pump cover 21-Sliding bearing 22-Rotor unit 23-Woo fuel dispenser druff key 24-Vane 25-Spring flake 26-Sliding bearing 27-Plug 28-O-ring 29-Pump body 30-Nut 31-Flat washer 32-Gaslet 33-Bolt 34-Adjusting bolt Diagram 2-2: Exploded drawing of vane pump Diagram 2-3: Installation of rotor of vane pump Diagram 2-4 show the pump’s working situation. A Section and B Section are the neared vane, which rotate together with rotor clockwise. The turning Vane A increases the cubage of low pressure transitional area, oil being sucked into pump. Fuel between vane A and Vane B is brought to high pressure transitional area as the vane go around clockwise. In high pressure transitional area cubage become smaller because of vane rotation, as result, oil is impelled out under the vane pressure. When rotor turns continually oil in tank is sucked into pump and then discharged out ceaselessly to form a stable flowage. Pump flowage formula is showed in Diagram 2-1. Diagram 2-4: Vane sketch map Q = 2e (Πd-SZ) bnη (2-1) In the formula: Q ── actual flux e ── eccentric moment D ── diameter of chamber b ── vane height S ── vane thickness n ── rotate speed of rotor Z ── vane number η ── volume efficiency Taking security for granted GB50156-2002 of The Regulation of design and construction on vehicle gas & fuel filing station stipulates that the outlet flow-rate of fuel dispenser don’t exceed 60L/min. Overflow valve The real flow rate of vane pump surpass 60L/min. the redundant flowage back into the inlet of pump via overflow valve to make the outlet flow rate don’t exceed 60L/min. Vane pump can adjust flowage as it belongs to ration pump. When increasing fuel dispenser’s flowage openness of nozzle is enlarged, outlet pressure of pu fuel dispenser fuel dispenser

technical specification

    ess OP_DAT  (option data) + WM_ID (washing mode identifier).  The WM_ID = 10H is used to ask for all washing modes at an option.  Please note that to allow car washes to operate in stand alone mode the car wash must have  default settings for some of the DataID s contained fuel dispenser in this database. i.e. the car wash must  configure these DataID s itself after a master resetcold start.   OPTION PER WASHING MODE DATABASE   DB_Ad = OP_DAT (71H-7FH) + WM_ID (11H-18H)  Version 1.33 IFSF - STANDARD FORECOURT PROTOCOL September 2005   CAR WASH SPECIFICATION   Page: 40 of 65   Data Field Type ReadWrite MO   Data Element Name   in State   Description   _Id (Value)   CONFIGURATION   1 asc8 R(1-9) O   WashingModeName   (01H) W(1-2)   Specifies the Washing mode name.   2 UNIT_PRI R(1-9) O   OptionPrice   (02H) CE W(1-9)   Specifies the optionwashing modes Unit Price.   Please note that a write can occur to this DataID in any   state. However the new value will only become active   when the CWP next goes into states 1 to 3.   MANUFACTURER OIL COMPANY SPECIFIC   200   to Free to the manufacturer oil company   255  3.9 Car Washing Point Data  This data allow fuel dispenser fuel dispenser

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    Barker of Britain s Cruising Association. This premium on space makes for a feverish and volatile market. Marina owners are charging higher fees and offering a broader range of facilities. But boat owners, unlike the owners of holiday villas, can instantly take off for cheaper places. fuel dispenser It now costs about £6,900 ($13,115) a year to keep a 33-foot boat in a popular marina in the south of England, up from £4,000 a couple of years ago. This hike in fees has driven some cost-conscious boat owners to cheaper spots in northern France. Inevitably, governments see yachting enthusiasts as a tantalising source of income. In America, recreational sailors spent about $37.3 billion last year, up 13% from 2004. In Europe, the market looks juicier still annual spending by amateur boat owners is about $47 billion. Among the baits governments are trying out are free moorings (the Netherlands), tax breaks for crew (New Zealand) and tax-free boat registration (Gibraltar). A few places have tripped up in their haste to take advantage of rich seafarers Sardinia imposed a luxury tax earlier this year, but the move drove some big boats away. As the craze for yachting spreads round the world, a new pack of countries will soon be providing talented mariners as well as attractive havens. Dubai, China and India have all seen a surge in the popularity of boating. South Africa has also seen a jump in sailing interest thanks to Shosholoza, its entry for the forthcoming America s Cup yacht race. With its mixed-race crew, this spectacular (but fairly low- budget) vessel will be seen by some people as a welcome reminder that in the harsh school of the sea, wealth and rank are not the only things that count. © 2006 . About sponsorship Time to wake up Nov 16th 2006 From The Economist print edition Mexico s new president, Felipe Calderón (right), must resume reforms and set the economy free—or risk backsliding, says Michael Reid fuel dispenser fuel dispenser