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Pump : Type Optional

Inlet Pressure :>=54kPa.

Flow rate (L/min.): 55±5

Suction Distance (m): 6(verticalmente) / 50(orizzontalmente)

FlowMeter Type : Optional

Accuracy : ±0.2%

Motor Voltage(V): 110V/220V/380V,50Hz/60Hz

Capacity(hp): 1HP(0.75kw)

Input Voltage :110V/220V/380V,50Hz/60Hz

Nozzle :Auto Shut-off Nozzle

Environmental Condition :-40~~+55degree

Control Type : Solenold Vale Control Type

Preset : Function Provided(Small LCDIndicator)

Display(Counter) :ype LCD and Bright Backlight

Digit of Volume : 0~~999,999(6 Digits),Decimal point can be changed

Digit of Amount :0~~999,999(6 Digits),Decimal point can be changed

Digit of Unit price : 0~~9999(4 Digits),Decimal point can be changed

Digit of Total Range : 0~~99,999,999,99

Optional Display :Type LCD and Bright Backlight

Digit of Volume : 0~~99,999,999(8 Digits),Decimal point can be changed

Digit of Amount : 0~~99,999,999(8 Digits),Decimal point can be changed

Digit of Unit price : 0~~999999(6 Digits),Decimal point can be changed

Digit of Total Range : 0~~99,999,999,99

Totalizer :1~~9,999,999

Hose :4.5m

Weight :280kg

Dimension(L×W×H): 1180*650*2020(mm)

Dimension(L×W×H)Of Qty of Container :40ft: 29

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    e, low cost and convenient maintenance, vane pump is widely adopted in many industrial areas. Most of domestic manufacturer of fuel dispenser install vane pump as component. Vane pump includes ration pump and variable pump, the former is mounted in fuel dispenser. At recent years, the domestic noise research for vane pump has been achieved good progress conducted by fuel dispenser manufacturer. The noise of vane pump has remarkably been downed, reaching to less than 70 d B. it is introduced as followed: 1: Cap nut 2: Adjusting bolt 3: Spring seat 4: Spring 5: Blade 6: Rotor 7: Plug 8: Spring flake 9: Axis 10: Frame 11: Overflow valve 12: Valve seat Diagram 2-1: Vane pump structure drawing Structure and working principle of vane pump The Diagram 2-1 and 2-2 illustrate one kind of vane pump about its structure and tridimensional exploded drawing. This kind of pump prevails in domestic fuel dispenser market. Its structure, principle and maintenance will be introduced. Vane pump consists of overflow valve and vane pump illustrated in Diagram 2-1. Overflow valve is installed on the upper of body, including overflow valve seat, vale core, spring, spring bracket, jointer, adjusting bolt and cap nut. The lower body is pump section composed of gliding bearing, rotor subassembly, blade set, spring flat and pump cover with gliding bearing. The right side of diagram is inlet, the opposite outlet. The working principle, performance and common troubleshooting of vane pump and overflow valve will be presented respectively. Vane pump section The chamber in where rotor installed is pump chamber, its installing procedure showed in diagram 2-3. A centrifugal degree e between the center of chamber and rotor is illustrated in diagram. There are upper and down seal area, high pressure and low pressure transitional area, divided by the center of rotor. The angular degre fuel dispenser e in sealing area is larger than that of degree formed by the neared two vanes so as to prevent oil flow between low and high pressure areas. 1-Cap fuel dispenser fuel dispenser

technical specification

    ociated to the socket) sending the   request: it can be only one at a time sending only one request at a time.   Usually the POS (more than one POS might be present); also an OPT   identifies a logical workstation; in case of CRIND (usually two sides one   per filling position of the pump) it counts as two logical workstations.   NOTE: Not renamed to avoid recoding in the interface implementation   already in place.   TerminalID TerminalIDType Optional Identifies the terminaldevice proxy involved.   POPID POPIDType Optional Necessary when Point Of Payment is not coincident with Workstation to   address which payment combination EPSDevice to use; it is different   from the TerminalID that is assigned (statically or dynamically) by the   EPS application in the on-line dialogue with the host.   POPID is mandatory in case the pin-pad to be used is not implicit by the   physical link established. More Pin-pads might be present associated to   one works fuel dispenser tation and only one at a time can be addressed.   fuel dispenser fuel dispenser

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