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Pump Type: Optional

Inlet Pressure :>=54kPa.

Flow rate (L/min.) :55±5

Suction Distance (m): 6(verticalmente) / 50(orizzontalmente)

FlowMeter Type : Optional

Accuracy :±0.2%

Motor Voltage(V) :110V/220V/380V,50Hz/60Hz

Capacity(hp) :1HP(0.75kw)

Input Voltage : 110V/220V/380V,50Hz/60Hz

Nozzle: Auto Shut-off Nozzle

Environmental Condition : -40~~+55degree

Control Type : Solenold Vale Control Type

Preset : Function Provided(Small LCDIndicator)

Display(Counter): Type LCD and Bright Backlight

Digit of Volume : 0~~999,999(6 Digits),Decimal point can be changed

Digit of Amount : 0~~999,999(6 Digits),Decimal point can be changed

Digit of Unit price : 0~~9999(4 Digits),Decimal point can be changed

Digit of Total Range : 0~~99,999,999,99

Optional Display:Type LCD and Bright Backlight

Digit of Volume : 0~~99,999,999(8 Digits),Decimal point can be changed

Digit of Amount : 0~~99,999,999(8 Digits),Decimal point can be changed

Digit of Unit price : 0~~999999(6 Digits),Decimal point can be changed

Digit of Total Range :0~~99,999,999,99

Totalizer: 1~~9,999,999

Hose :4.5m

Weight : 310kg

Dimension(L×W×H) : 900*620*2180(mm)

Dimension(L×W×H)Of Qty of Container : 40ft: 45 20ft: 22

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    . Examine clearance and replace relevant components when necessary. 1.4. Measurement transducer block 1.5. No discharge due to Solenoid valve closed. First check electric wiring, then trouble on component itself (short circuit of winding or block in valve membrane, etc). 1.6. Pipeline and bottom valve failure If continuously exhau fuel dispenser st in vapor separator from beginning, disconnect filter cover and take out filter net; pour same kind of oil in it and given see oil level quickly drop, there is leakage occurred in pipeline and bottom valve. 1.7. No discharge caused by nozzle failure Jam in jointer or filter. Unlock strainer or jointer to remove dirt and waste. Nozzle always in auto-shut state, check automatic shut device, mainly inlet vent, spring. 1.8. Bottom valve be stuck in and pipeline is plugged. Exterior reasons for no delivery Oil level is so lower than bottom valve that pump can’t suck oil. Some valve(s) is closed in pipeline between tank and fuel dispensers. Air goes into valve(s). Single phase valve fuel dispenser is rusted in bottom valve. Incorrect installation of flange causes leakage between inlet pipe and fuel dispenser. Inappropriate oil is refueled. Oil is easy to gasify; water in oil freeze; wax in oil plug pipe. Pipe design is unsuitable. Two fuel dispensers, for example, are connected in same pipeline without valve, or valve can’t shut completely; pipeline has many crooks or too thin. Slow flow rate as start fuel dispenser ing 3.1. Strainers, including cone-shaped filter net and nozzle filter net, are jammed. 3.2. Large amount of air flow into from broken parts or pipeline, causing much foam in oil indicator. 3.3. Large noise and vibration during operation Vacuum pressure is inadequate. Leakage occurs in overflow valve or pump gasket. Inner leakage in fuel dispenser increase as serious abrasion in pump vane or vane is stuck by waste. Vapor separator trouble Small floater of vapor separator is broken or fall down; insufficient pressure in high pressure chamber as exhausting valve can

technical specification

    W(100)   0 = not configured (Major error)   n = number of Controller Device Points (Default = 1).   3 Bin8 R( ) M   Architecture   Defines the type of Co fuel dispenser ntroller Device System Architecture. (Default = 00H)   (03H) (0-2) W(100)   00H = Multi-Controller (Default) CD contains one CDP   01H = Master Slave CD Slaves cannot operate without Master   02H = MasterSlave CD Slaves operate without master CDP (Pass thru   enabled).   60 bin8 R( ) M   Last_Major_Error_Code   The error code of the last major error on the controller device.   (3CH)  fuel dispenser   Default = 0 no error. This is written by the Controller Device to indicate the   last occurred error this enables another CD entering the network to discover   why that CD went inoperative.  3.11 Controller Device Point Main   This database provides access to the CDP Configuration data. Access to this database is done by the database address   fuel dispenser CDP_ID. If you wish to read all CDP s then CDP_ID (20H) is used.   CONTROLLER DEVICE POINT CONFIGURATION DATABASE   DB_Ad = CDP_ID (21H-5FH)  Data_Id Field Type ReadWrite in MO   Data Element Name   Description State   1

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